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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
30 Aug 2010 21:17 172.129.85.* OrbisTrendsReceived another payment yesterday, very good program.
26 Aug 2010 10:08 172.129.4.* OrbisTrendsSuper Program! Quality program!
19 Feb 2010 13:35 172.163.37.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Great program and site! Got payment again. Thanks!
10 Feb 2010 13:56 172.129.158.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.One of the most serious and PAYING INSTANTLY.
31 Dec 2009 11:24172.129.30.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Very Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
31 Dec 2009 11:23172.129.30.*NDCA Traders FundGreat investments! Been paid on time!
21 Dec 2009 12:50172.129.134.*Global Market SolutionsGreat hyip program and never miss a payment.
21 Dec 2009 12:50172.129.134.*United Cash BankSuper Program, quality program! Paying steadily, thank you admin!
15 Dec 2009 23:45 172.129.189.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Payment completed! How honest admin and excellent site!
18 Nov 2009 16:02 172.131.38.* Universal InvestmentReal programm, real payments. Pays as promised.
9 Nov 2009 23:56 172.131.52.* Green Financial ServicesExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program.
26 Oct 2009 23:03172.130.89.*DBX ClubNice payment received. Thanks admin a lot.
26 Oct 2009 23:03172.130.89.*KBD Investment ServicesVery very good program, honest Admin, got paid immediately!
15 Oct 2009 21:34172.191.109.*EximFundWell, just have been paid. Great hyip!
15 Oct 2009 21:33172.191.109.*KBD Investment ServicesPaid on time without any problem, perfect program, honest admin!!!
17 Sep 2009 23:07172.163.11.*OffshoreStockTradesSeem Good i made deposit yesterdayd and today recieve my payment instantly. Thank you admin.
17 Sep 2009 23:07172.163.11.*ForexReallyFundHonest admin. How excellent program! Really nice and good site.
4 Sep 2009 23:31 172.130.202.* OffshoreStockTradespaid and rate :) thanks admin
11 Aug 2009 22:04172.130.43.*Interbank FX ClubThis program is a unique site, well seriouse program!
11 Aug 2009 22:03172.130.43.*KBD Investment ServicesIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins! Thanks!
10 Jul 2009 0:17 172.162.169.* OffshoreStockTradesReceived another payment yesterday, very good program.
2 Jun 2009 19:13172.130.166.*Omega Profitpaid and rate :) thanks admin
2 Jun 2009 19:12172.130.166.*DBX Clubwell seriouse program! Honest admin. hyip is one of the best!
29 Apr 2009 22:58172.190.20.*KBD Investment ServicesPAID! No problem now!best stable paying program! Thank you admin!!
29 Apr 2009 22:57172.190.20.*OffshoreStockTradesThe best program. Admin pays me very fast.
17 Apr 2009 23:08 172.130.234.* KBD Investment ServicesPaid on time like clock! Best program and best Admin!!
11 Apr 2009 21:36 172.129.75.* OffshoreStockTradesBest ever paying hyips.... you are doing wonderfully good admin.
27 Mar 2009 20:40172.190.56.*Aurum Reality FoundationIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins!. Thanks!
27 Mar 2009 20:40172.190.56.*World Wealth ClubThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
16 Mar 2009 22:38 172.129.169.* OffshoreStockTradesone of the most serious and PAYING INSTANTLY
5 Mar 2009 11:51172.129.123.*Global Market SolutionsPay as usual, so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
5 Mar 2009 11:50172.129.123.*AXA HYIPI strongly recommend this program. They are fantastic
30 Jan 2009 2:21172.191.22.*JDT Forex FundThis project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
30 Jan 2009 2:21172.191.22.*United FX Trading Corp.thank you admin, my money work here
30 Jan 2009 2:20172.191.22.*Interbank FX ClubPAID always On Time. Thanks Admin. I hope it will a last for long time
26 Jan 2009 23:43 172.192.7.* OffshoreStockTradesIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
13 Jan 2009 18:43 172.190.179.* AXA HYIPhonest admin,How excellent program! really nice and good site.
6 Jan 2009 20:05172.190.1.*Rapid Money GrowthPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
6 Jan 2009 20:04172.190.1.*Swiss Gold FinanceGood job admins!!!
6 Jan 2009 20:03172.190.1.*Nolan Trading SocietyIts a serious investment project with exellent group of admins!. Thanks!
6 Jan 2009 20:02172.190.1.*Global Market SolutionsThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
6 Dec 2008 16:24 172.158.22.* Global Market Solutionspaying again and again, how wonderful, thanks
21 Nov 2008 1:25172.130.158.*Global Market SolutionsPaid me like usually thanks admin..keep your program forever
21 Nov 2008 1:24172.130.158.*Swiss Gold FinanceI have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
21 Nov 2008 1:24172.130.158.*Nolan Trading Societyamazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got PAYMENT today!
21 Nov 2008 1:22172.130.158.*Aurum Reality Foundationpaying again and again, how wonderful, than
10 Nov 2008 20:31172.190.57.*Global Market SolutionsPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
10 Nov 2008 20:30172.190.57.*FXCM Brokerage GroupExcellent admin! Good Program
5 Nov 2008 23:32172.190.20.*MVP Financial GroupVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
5 Nov 2008 23:30172.190.20.*Platinum Trade nice design man,very proffesinal
5 Nov 2008 23:28172.190.20.*Venture Gold Alliancegood work expect to see some payouts soon