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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
6 Nov 2010 12:07 205.209.142.* Owen FundsVery good project and real investment program.100% good place to get your profit!
29 Jul 2010 11:5967.212.168.*InvolReceived profits every day,admin have a good job!
14 May 2010 13:46 218.93.70.* Ance FinanceReceived 10% referral commissions;120$ total; seems to be a real honest admin.
13 May 2010 14:02 114.226.207.* IwBusinessMy profit received, okay these guys really paying to the member hope this continue.
30 Apr 2010 11:16124.137.27.*Ance FinanceI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
9 Apr 2010 11:48209.18.107.*True EarnI got my paid.This is a good paying site.Thanks admin.
8 Apr 2010 13:26152.99.141.*Umba FundI get payment without any delay,really good program,thank you admin!
7 Apr 2010 14:57213.199.192.*Umba FundI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
2 Apr 2010 13:0365.44.141.*Sot Invest4/2/2010 03:48 34429632 U7306351 ( + $34.50,paying me again,thanks
21 Mar 2010 12:55207.234.185.*Sot InvestVery good my vote!Thanks for paying admin!it's very good for us!!!
24 Feb 2010 10:41205.209.140.*LopokNo problems with the program,payouts in time,really good!thanks honest admin!
24 Feb 2010 10:17205.209.140.*FundorexPaid really very fast, cool design as Promising, Getting payments on time! Good
23 Feb 2010 23:4766.79.161.*LopokThis program is a really nice program.I got paid again and again!They are the best!
8 Feb 2010 12:02208.94.174.*Gite FinancePaid no problem,got $125 today,admin so honest,thanks
15 Jan 2010 9:49208.77.45.*Arby Fundreceived some ref commissions without problem.
12 Jan 2010 11:45208.77.45.*Arby FundPerfect working investment project.paid me again,always on time!
22 Dec 2009 12:55 89.19.4.* Cute Invest Ltd.Great..paid me instantly all the time...thanks admin..good job.
15 Nov 2009 5:38 219.87.72.* OneINVI have received money from this best project!
5 Sep 2009 11:4338.105.100.*Nove FundGood job Admin. I get paid on time!
23 Aug 2009 13:00114.226.199.*Realist InvPay me honest admin and very excellent program!
12 Aug 2009 11:54 211.8.147.* PlusInvSo satisfied with this program, I received my payments soon as usual.
10 Aug 2009 12:4668.236.219.*Liberal Trade$5.1 daily profit received again,got very fast,thanks!Batch_18304210
6 Aug 2009 12:50 119.207.225.* SolidFinancereceive another ref commission,$9 thank you admin paid!!