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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
7 Jul 2009 9:1676.108.5.*Tresor Money UnionI think it will work for a long time. Nice design
7 Jul 2009 9:1676.108.5.*Capitolia Profit CenterThanks admin....paid for today i love you admin
7 Jul 2009 9:1676.108.5.*Diamond Instant Profitsthanks admin,paid me on time!
7 Jul 2009 9:1576.108.5.*World Wealth ClubPaying as promised. Great program.
29 Jun 2009 10:2224.185.94.*Platinum Trade Inc.To my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
29 Jun 2009 10:2124.185.94.*Aurum Reality FoundationI got all my payment !!! This site is paying again. Thanks very much Admin
29 Jun 2009 10:2124.185.94.*Diamond Instant ProfitsVery Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
29 Jun 2009 10:2124.185.94.*Global Market SolutionsPaid quickly no problem, honest admin!thanks!!!keep up the good work!
19 Jun 2009 6:4676.178.172.*Aurum Reality FoundationYou have again INSTANTLY paid me.
19 Jun 2009 6:4576.178.172.*Reliable Offshore ClubThe perfect site... Do not wait, INVEST and receive the profit.
19 Jun 2009 6:4576.178.172.*Global Market SolutionsTo my mind this PROGRAM is the best of all ever seen! Paid me as usual, so far so great.
14 Jun 2009 7:1571.234.211.*Capitolia Profit CenterThis hyip pay me lots of profit and really excellent hyip.
14 Jun 2009 7:1471.234.211.*Diamond Instant Profitsthank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
14 Jun 2009 7:1471.234.211.*World Wealth ClubPAYING THANKS ADMIN FOR THE PAYMENT
14 Jun 2009 7:1471.234.211.*Barclay Premier FundThanks! I have again received fast payment.
14 Jun 2009 7:1371.234.211.*Interbank FX Clubpaid and paid very fast as always!!! Thanks for the stable,long term,paying trustworthy program !!
14 Jun 2009 7:1371.234.211.*Global Market SolutionsPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!
4 Jun 2009 11:1298.121.210.*Platinum Trade of the best investment project! stable and always paid on time.
4 Jun 2009 11:1298.121.210.*NEO Trust BankHow hot and paying program!get my paid normally
4 Jun 2009 11:1024.45.155.*Private Stock HoldingGreat admin. always never miss a payment.
25 May 2009 19:3324.206.156.*Diamond Instant ProfitsPaid me quickly every time and never miss payment.
25 May 2009 19:3224.206.156.*World Wealth ClubAlways paid on time to me! i think this is a good site.
25 May 2009 19:3224.206.156.*Aurum Reality FoundationAnother great program,One of the top paying site.
25 May 2009 19:3124.206.156.*Interbank FX ClubThanks admin paid me again and again
25 May 2009 19:3124.206.156.*Global Market SolutionsJust got paid here again,thank admin.
13 May 2009 10:4099.21.142.*Sonex Money ClubThe next payment is received.
13 May 2009 10:4099.21.142.*Tresor Money Unionpayments regular ! i like to work with this program!
13 May 2009 10:3999.21.142.*Reliable Offshore Clubgetting payment right on time! Very happy.
3 May 2009 9:21 71.80.236.* Reliable Offshore ClubSuper Program,quality program! Paying steadily,thank you admin!
27 Apr 2009 10:3775.46.66.*NEO Trust BankGot my initial! In profit now. Excellent work!
27 Apr 2009 10:3675.46.66.*World Wealth ClubBeen paid again! Brilliant job from the admin! Thanx!
27 Apr 2009 10:3675.46.66.*Interbank FX ClubExcellent company with excellent profits!
9 Apr 2009 13:2624.73.7.*NDCA Traders Fundpaid cool! =) nice hyip!!!
9 Apr 2009 13:1524.73.7.*NEO Trust BankGood programm... Had no problems!
5 Apr 2009 8:0761.44.98.*Global Market SolutionsGood Investment... Thanks for paying out the money.
5 Apr 2009 8:0761.44.98.*Interbank FX ClubI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly..
5 Apr 2009 8:0661.44.98.*Nolan Trading Societynice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great
5 Apr 2009 8:0661.44.98.*JDT Forex FundExtremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
5 Apr 2009 8:0592.2.142.*Aurum Reality FoundationI verify this program, Payment received! Very good site with STABLE plan!
1 Mar 2009 12:2276.20.70.*Barclay Premier FundAlways Got the payment on time,thanks admin,Hope can keep on the good jobs.
1 Mar 2009 12:15 98.213.39.* Tresor Money UnionPaid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
13 Feb 2009 17:3175.3.88.*Nolan Trading SocietyThe request was processed instanly, very honest site!
13 Feb 2009 17:3175.3.88.*Interbank FX ClubHas always paid on time for many withdraws. Keep on the good work.
13 Feb 2009 17:3075.3.88.*Private Stock HoldingI have never had any problem in my payment form these people,because they are like clock work.