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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
12 Sep 2008 9:2685.199.36.*JifondI am really angry! got email that my 1250,- where withdrawn but did not receive any money!! A big SCAM!!!!
11 Sep 2008 18:5785.199.36.*Interbank FX ClubInvested but did not receive any payments since weeks not any answer from admin
11 Sep 2008 18:2885.199.36.*Hot-GoldSCAM!! They took my money and did NOT withdraw my request not any answer from admin! Do not invest there!!!
11 Sep 2008 18:1685.199.36.*Final-CashSCAM!! my withdraw request has never been processed. No money received me! They only took my money, nothing else!
10 Sep 2008 18:3385.199.36.*Jifondtold me that the payout is prozessed but did NOT receive any money nor ony answer from admin!!