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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
13 Nov 2006 18:5962.85.22.*Amex-FundSuper Program! Thanks admin!
12 Nov 2006 17:3062.85.22.*Amex-FundBeen paid today.really satisfied with this program
27 Oct 2006 10:13 62.85.22.* Europe Trade LtdThe good, stable program! To all I advise
25 Oct 2006 14:0762.85.22.*Europe Trade LtdThanks to all Europe Trade people! Admins, you project is the best! I'm recommend Europe Trade to all my friend. Thanks for your hard work and wating new payout!
19 Oct 2006 14:3062.85.22.*Plastic HYIPGreat Site. Paying timely.
18 Oct 2006 12:3262.85.22.*BOKA InvestGreat Site. Paying timely.
15 Oct 2006 16:1262.85.22.*130HyipBest invest program!
8 Oct 2006 11:28 80.232.176.* Europe Trade LtdNo problem, stable paid
5 Oct 2006 13:3462.85.22.*Borex InvestGreat Site. Paying timely.
4 Oct 2006 11:3862.85.22.*Borex Investreally satisfied with this program
3 Oct 2006 10:3162.85.22.*Borex InvestNo problems with this program
3 Oct 2006 10:1762.85.22.*Europe Trade LtdNo problems with this program