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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
25 Apr 2008 12:5465.110.36.*FFG TradingMy favorite programm!
21 Apr 2008 14:1566.109.25.*FFG TradingAgain back online!! HTTP://FFG-TRADERS.BIZ ! more profit in the future
19 Apr 2008 10:4766.109.25.*FFG Tradingi can login into ffg using good luck FFG
3 Apr 2008 12:0766.109.25.*FFG TradingI wish to all a lot of profit in the future! Thanks FFG
1 Apr 2008 20:0366.109.25.*FFG TradingPaying again! ! Good news!
12 Mar 2008 15:2766.109.25.*FFG TradingThanks admin!!! I hope FFG is long term HYIP !!!!!
10 Mar 2008 22:4866.109.25.*FFG TradingGret paying site` paying to me every day!!! Thanks
9 Mar 2008 12:0766.109.25.*FFG TradingAgain got mu cash !!! Thanks
8 Mar 2008 13:0866.109.25.*FFG TradingNo problem!! thank you