Vote Information for Account U400??10


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
15 May 2008 20:50209.123.8.*GEOrozenAs you are punctual and pay fast , you rise in the world.
26 Apr 2008 9:5768.225.11.*Acmos TradeWell, just have been paid.
18 Apr 2008 17:41209.123.8.*GEOrozenits so good for pay me more! thank you a lot !
13 Apr 2008 20:1481.198.131.*PevKoRomMy investment just double,this program really pay, I wonder why it was not rated at the top 10.
2 Apr 2008 15:1781.198.131.*GooglemonPay instantly to my e-gold account! Still a good and great program!