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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
22 Mar 2008 13:0881.198.131.*PavelCompanyBatch 87811045,paid me very fast after i withdraw,really great site!!!
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4 Mar 2008 18:3371.202.111.*ForexEGtradeStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
4 Mar 2008 18:1871.202.111.*UndotrekIt is the excellent project. Iam glad, that I participate in it!
29 Jan 2008 20:3024.5.31.*450comVery stable and professional!Got payment!
29 Jan 2008 20:2171.202.111.*IntadollarPaid!Cool!
29 Jan 2008 20:1271.202.111.*e-bullibGot paid again VERY FAST! Excellent program!
29 Jan 2008 20:0571.202.111.*KlondYou have again quickly paid me. Thank you for doing all that you have promised.
22 Jan 2008 11:4075.57.253.*Intadollarpaid today, till now excellent admin, thanks
22 Jan 2008 11:3275.57.253.*e-bullibpayment done, tell now onest admin, thanks
12 Jan 2008 20:5267.180.56.*KlondYes. Be patient. Its paying.
10 Jan 2008 17:4869.228.156.*e-bullibSite looks alright and plans look good I will give it a further look.
9 Jan 2008 10:55 69.227.84.* KlondAdmins, thanks for your wonderful work!!! Your program is the best!!
4 Jan 2008 17:31 76.212.12.* PisfondIt is the interesting project!Wonderful job admins!!!