Vote Information for Account 426??52


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
26 Feb 2008 5:2258.177.211.*Emetal GateDear e-gold investors, how many days your account will show the figure after deposit? as I deposit 5 days ago and send e-mails to them, no feedback, receive nothing!
25 Feb 2008 5:4258.177.211.*EarnQuicklyI haven't received the payout on 24 Feb, admin, please help me to check. User: fortuneken
23 Feb 2008 23:57 218.254.26.* Emetal GateDeposit via e-gold two days ago, not shown on my account until now, anyone tell me when will shown on my account? Will change my vote if problem solved, user: fortuneken
23 Feb 2008 11:1558.177.211.*Emetal GateI have deposited USD400 2 days ago via e-gold but not yet shown, can anyone give me help?