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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
13 Mar 2008 3:12 96.2.211.* Gustafson GroupRIPOFF!!! SCAM!!! As soon as you build up to some real $$$ they cut you off. May they burn in financial HELL!!!
7 Mar 2008 15:1670.41.238.*Gustafson GroupNOT PAYING!! Five days overdue, still no response from admin. It's like I've been blackballed or blocked. I don't know why, they're the one's stealing MY money.
6 Mar 2008 15:0170.41.238.*Gustafson GroupStill not getting paid, 4 days late now. GG has "DKed" me. No response from admin. I guess once you get to a certain $ amount they "lose" your deposit.
18 Feb 2008 14:5070.41.238.*SavingFinanceRIPPED OFF!!! They changed my password after a test withdrawal. No response from admin.
11 Feb 2008 13:2770.41.238.*SavingFinanceSo far so good. They appear to have solved DDoS problem. I hope it lasts.
6 Feb 2008 19:1470.41.238.*Global Market SolutionsInvested last week, no payout as promised. No response from admin. Tran. ID A31812530-MTP. Make it good and I'll change my vote.