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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
2 Feb 2008 12:2981.198.15.*450comthis is the real deal!
2 Feb 2008 12:2081.198.15.*SancegoldWhat? I not los my money! Thanks for payment!
2 Feb 2008 12:0281.198.15.*e-bullibA hidden gem, really, it goes way back to "I don't remember" when, they do pay, they do invest. more than satisfied.
2 Feb 2008 11:5281.198.15.*Klondpaid me very fast!!! thanks admin!!!
24 Jan 2008 10:1181.198.15.*IntadollarStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
24 Jan 2008 9:5881.198.15.*e-bullibThe best investment project!Stable and always pays!
24 Jan 2008 9:5281.198.15.*KlondThe best investment project!Stable and always pays!
13 Jan 2008 14:4076.102.240.*IntadollarI received payment from this hyip!
13 Jan 2008 14:2576.102.240.*e-bullibthanks you always payment is very good program
13 Jan 2008 14:1576.102.240.*KlondPaidd !just be patient
10 Jan 2008 17:4569.228.156.*KlondYahoo ! paid and paid ! very proffy !