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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
27 Feb 2008 17:26209.190.51.*ForexdolePaid. Thanks for the great job
27 Feb 2008 17:21209.190.51.*USDjokerthanks you always payment is very good program
27 Feb 2008 17:14209.190.51.*UndotrekPaidd !just be patient
29 Jan 2008 16:5376.212.12.*450comsimply remarkable project! I think at this project the big future!
29 Jan 2008 16:4276.212.12.*IntadollarI think at this project the big future!
29 Jan 2008 16:3376.212.12.*e-bullibget paid in e-gold. very honest admin. thank you very much
29 Jan 2008 16:2676.212.12.*KlondTHANKS!!! New payment received!
22 Jan 2008 10:1781.198.15.*Intadollarwithdrawal is no problem!
22 Jan 2008 10:0981.198.15.*e-bullibAC is still paying well and withdrawal is no problem!
22 Jan 2008 9:3581.198.15.*KlondOne of the best programs. Honest admin. Paying well and as promised. A must for real investors.
12 Jan 2008 20:11 69.228.15.* IntadollarStable,reliable program! No problems with this project!
8 Jan 2008 21:0068.126.28.*KlondGot 2nd payment! Very glad!
2 Jan 2008 11:2471.202.102.*PisfondWell, just have been paid.