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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
23 Jan 2008 8:32213.23.177.*Macro DepositWithdrawal still pending, no answer from support at all. user: the yellow
19 Jan 2008 7:35 89.182.169.* Macro Depositnot paying, not answering at all. user: the yellow
18 Jan 2008 4:48 89.182.148.* Macro DepositWithdrawal still pending since Jan 10, no reply from the support at all !!! Will update. user: the yellow
16 Jan 2008 12:36213.23.177.*Macro DepositStill pending, no reply at all. Will update! user: the yellow
16 Jan 2008 5:28 89.182.81.* Macro DepositWithdrawal still pending, no reply at all from the support. Will update ..............user: the yellow
15 Jan 2008 5:35 89.182.105.* Macro DepositWithdrawal 850 USD is PENDING since Jan 10, contacted several times the support, no reply since yet, will update as soon I got an answer or transfer, user the yellow, HAVE A LOOK AT THE PAID OUT STAT AND THAN COMPARE IT WITH THE REFERRER STAT!!!!!!!
12 Jan 2008 9:15 89.182.75.* Macro DepositWithdrawal pending USD 850, will update as soon as I received