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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
26 Jul 2007 4:41 222.124.64.* SivaShareThis program very good for invest please you signup at
23 Jul 2007 14:32 222.124.119.* World ForexThis program SCAM not paid again don't invest again
21 Jul 2007 11:55 222.124.75.* World ForexThe server at is taking too long to respond. I can't access you page now are SCAM
21 Jul 2007 11:51 222.124.120.* RUSSO ProjectThis program SCAM not paid again don't invest again
19 Jul 2007 19:41 222.124.75.* RUSSO ProjectAre you SCAM can't mt access page Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)
18 Jul 2007 12:50 222.124.120.* SivaShareYhis program very good for invest my withdraw instantly not pending please signup yhanks admin
17 Jul 2007 4:49 222.124.75.* PremiumPro LtdMy withdraw not paid this program SCAM
15 Jul 2007 15:04222.124.75.*SivaShareThis program very good for invest my withdrawal instantly please you signup
11 Jul 2007 7:24222.124.65.*PremiumPro LtdThis invest place very very good for you please you signup 1
11 Jul 2007 7:05222.124.65.*SivaShareThis invest place very very good for you please you signup
9 Jul 2007 19:07222.124.75.*NY-FinanceI loss $5 this program my invest but my account not activated they liar or SCAM
9 Jul 2007 17:44222.124.75.*SivaShareThis program very good for invest withdrawal instantly not pending please you signup
8 Jul 2007 11:57 222.124.65.* NY-FinanceI am make deposit $1 + $4 but my deposit not active so till now and my can't send e-mail to you please you reply this my e-mail and please you active my deposit now
28 Jun 2007 3:44222.124.55.*PremiumPro LtdThis program best very good always paid me instantly please you signup 1
28 Jun 2007 3:09222.124.55.*Orange-InvestmentWhy I can't access to page are you SCAM now?
25 Jun 2007 13:23222.124.119.*World ForexThis program very good paid me automatic please signu
25 Jun 2007 12:59222.124.119.*RUSSO ProjectWhy I can't open to page now and did not never answer my e-mail till now
25 Jun 2007 2:00 222.124.75.* Orange-InvestmentThis the place of best investment payment was faster than that was promised Signup rup
24 Jun 2007 9:09 222.124.100.* RUSSO ProjectWhy I can't access you website till now are you SCAM now please you send news to my e-mail now username bakrigrup
23 Jun 2007 12:33222.124.75.*PremiumPro LtdMy withdraaw instantly not pending this very good invest please signup 1
23 Jun 2007 12:26222.124.75.*EMPowerInvestMy withdraw always paid please you signup
23 Jun 2007 1:13 222.124.86.* RUSSO ProjectWhy I can't acces you page so are you SCAM now
22 Jun 2007 17:23222.124.72.*Orange-InvestmentThis program very good paid me please you signup rup
22 Jun 2007 17:19222.124.72.*InvestWizardsThis Program Not Paid again nor Invest again they liar
22 Jun 2007 13:20 222.124.73.* PremiumPro LtdThis program very good please you signup at 1 now
21 Jun 2007 17:31 222.124.102.* RUSSO ProjectThis program always paid me please you signup l
20 Jun 2007 16:19222.124.86.*EMPowerInvestWithdrawal not instantly Withdrawal request $ 1.14 [cancel] Jun-20-2007 08:50:34 AM you lie.
20 Jun 2007 16:11222.124.86.*InvestWizardsThis program don' instantly withdrawal, my withdrawal $20.80 pending now why?
20 Jun 2007 16:06222.124.86.*RUSSO ProjectThis program very good they always paid me, please you invest l
19 Jun 2007 11:13222.124.101.*RUSSO ProjectThis the place of investment that could be believed, combined immediately in l
19 Jun 2007 11:08222.124.101.*InvestWizardsWhy you can't my access now, please you reply this my e-mail
16 Jun 2007 12:56 222.124.64.* RUSSO ProjectThis very good automatic to my e-gold please you sign up now friend
4 Jun 2007 2:36 222.124.97.* AsianaGoldInvestKamu penipu saya tidak nisa login kamu bilang tunggu 48 jam sekarang sudah 1 minggu tidak juga bisa login kamu penipu kamu SCAM dan SPAM hati-hati dengan program ini jangan invest lagi nanti di SCAM
30 May 2007 14:23 61.94.8.* AsianaGoldInvestWhy you don't answer my e-mail userID bakrigrup I can't login to my account now and My send to your e-mail error please you send my paswor now
28 May 2007 14:19 61.5.80.* AsianaGoldInvestIni program sangat bagus saya withdraw langsung masuk e-gold saya tanpa pending invest segera di
26 Feb 2007 12:39 222.124.64.* TroyBankThis program very good for investasi
16 Feb 2007 11:18 222.124.65.* LifeDollarsWhy you yot paid me again please you answer now
6 Feb 2007 6:24 222.124.121.* Advanced ProfitsWhay I can't access your website now please you answer to my e-mail now
3 Feb 2007 20:23222.124.73.*TroyBankThis is example for very good program to invest
3 Feb 2007 20:19222.124.73.*Europe Trade LtdHe said maintenence 48 hours from 1st february 2007 but now 80 hours gone till now you are liar where is your promise be proved if want trusted like troybank
31 Jan 2007 19:33222.124.101.*TroyBankTroybank suitableer in star rank five because always Consistent with promise maintains this accomplishment
31 Jan 2007 18:04222.124.101.*Europe Trade LtdMy withdraw No paid and now Can not be accessinged, Firefox can't find the server at are you scam
20 Jan 2007 19:13222.124.121.*TroyBankThis program very good because always information to all member
20 Jan 2007 19:09222.124.121.*Advanced ProfitsThis program very good my always paid
20 Jan 2007 15:05 222.124.121.* Europe Trade LtdWhy do you not pay news affection with customer don't be quiet
17 Jan 2007 8:19 222.124.64.* TroyBankSekarang nama TroyBank mulai dikenal di Indonesia dan Malaysia tempat investasi yang aman
12 Jan 2007 19:19 222.124.100.* Europe Trade LtdWhy my withdrawal (rahmatgrup $3.20 & bakrigrup $10.70) not your send to my account e-gold please you answer now and this your suspen or problem now
11 Jan 2007 18:59 222.124.120.* TroyBankVery good Troybank begin at hunt Indonesia investors maintains your accomplishment
2 Jan 2007 20:51222.124.103.*ProfitMetroWhy you don't displayed now
2 Jan 2007 20:43222.124.103.*Golden FlowI profit from Dec 28 till now No paid please you answer now
2 Jan 2007 12:02 222.124.64.* Q-InvestmentWhy my accoun bakrigrup amount $11,32 not paid till now please answer this my complain now
31 Dec 2006 11:25222.124.123.*FX 950No paid my withdraw
31 Dec 2006 9:42222.124.123.*Golden FlowNot paid pending from date Dec 28 till now this program is broken no paid no invest again
29 Dec 2006 19:27222.124.120.*HexPayThis invest very good in Indonesia I like this program alwys paid withdrawal
29 Dec 2006 19:21222.124.120.*ProfitMetroThis program very good paid express my withdrawal
29 Dec 2006 19:17222.124.120.*Golden FlowNot paid date 28 and 29 pending please paid me profit now
29 Dec 2006 19:03222.124.120.*TroyBankTroyBank is very good always paid me till now
29 Dec 2006 6:53 222.124.42.* Capital On LineWhy this website problem what happen
28 Dec 2006 19:48222.124.66.*Europe Trade LtdI profit Dec 28 no payments please you answer now
28 Dec 2006 19:40222.124.66.*Golden FlowHi Why to my profit today you not yet send while your payment systems automatically but to this moment still its[his] pending will how many hours to hope [reply/ answer] you now.
26 Dec 2006 15:45222.124.69.*Mutual InvestYou have two-day [do] not pay [for] advantage of me how me send letter you [do] not [reply/ answer].
26 Dec 2006 15:41222.124.69.*OnlineIncomeDirectYou have defalcated me by account mendelet I have two of account my [of] danger didelet don't invest.
24 Dec 2006 15:41 222.124.42.* ProfitMetroThank you your payment metro profit very good [is] quicker the than my promise like your program.
24 Dec 2006 11:50222.124.120.*Earn-HourlyYou [is] thief of nipu ni do not want to pay [for] my money [of] liver - liver with this website [of] danger
24 Dec 2006 11:31222.124.120.*OnlineIncomeDirectMy account bakrigrup and bakrigrup55 you delet
23 Dec 2006 3:24222.124.73.*HYIP 100-200 TrustI withdraw not yet you pay till now pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23 Dec 2006 3:15222.124.73.*Earn-HourlyThis Website [of] liver danger - liver [do] not pay [for] don't invest.
22 Dec 2006 17:44 222.124.100.* Q-InvestmentHey you [do] not pay [for] invesment of bakrigrup e-gold from 3595774 $ 10.90 1. ( 12/4/06 batch 72068825 $ 1.00, batch 72080761 $ 2.00 2. ( 12/5/06 batch 72144681 $ 1.00, batch 72173337 $ 1.90 3. ( 12/6/06 batch 72235174 $ 5.00) to pay you $ 0.20
21 Dec 2006 8:38 222.124.66.* Earn-HourlyHei My don't you pay my don't invest again pay ....... pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Dec 2006 7:19222.124.87.*TroyBankService of fluent troybank enough ought to proper troybank of star 5 Indonesian bakrigrup TroyBank Very good and solid from 1996 till now
20 Dec 2006 7:08222.124.87.*Q-InvestmentYou don't pay and don't return my deposit which $ 11.32 all detail I have deliver as according to your request [which/such] lie you.
19 Dec 2006 5:11222.124.87.*HYIP 100-200 TrustI perforced to write here because withdraw I you not yet pay [for] me contact but you [do] not [reply/ answer].
19 Dec 2006 5:02222.124.87.*Earn-HourlyYou don't instantly again because you pending my withdraw from yesterday
19 Dec 2006 4:45222.124.87.*OnlineIncomeDirectI am withdraw don't you pay till now please pay me pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18 Dec 2006 21:12222.124.103.*AsiaGoldGroupDate 18 December 2006 youdon't pay earn daily to me and I ask Saturday and Sunday earn profit or no matter you [do] not [reply/ answer].
18 Dec 2006 20:15222.124.103.*TroyBankTroybank Very good its payment quickly and on schedule I will develop in Indonesia from bakrigrup.
18 Dec 2006 11:12 222.124.64.* Q-InvestmentNot paid $11.32 My account was deleted You spell out members my account [of] restored but its fact [is] you [do] not lie either in egold and also [in] my account [there] no my money $ 11.32 paying don't lie.
17 Dec 2006 16:54 222.124.65.* Golden DividendsPaying very good for you program my happy some goldendividends from bakrigrup in Indonesia, I very enthusiastic become support of you in Indonesia help its answer
17 Dec 2006 6:53 222.124.68.* AsiaGoldGroupI can't login now please your answer ...... answer ........ answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now
16 Dec 2006 15:16 222.124.121.* Golden DividendsGood payment but question of me you have never [reply/ answer].
16 Dec 2006 12:55 222.124.75.* Q-InvestmentI have filled reconditional form [of] data with bakrigrup username but why money I you not yet return to ask its answer now.
15 Dec 2006 19:56222.124.101.*Global Invest SiteWhere are you don't displayed
15 Dec 2006 19:00222.124.101.*Land EarnWhere is my money [of] payee ........ payee .......... payee ....... don't pending continue.
15 Dec 2006 18:51222.124.101.*HexPayWhy don't displayed now
15 Dec 2006 18:40222.124.101.*Earn-HourlyTo Pay:3843874 Deposit ( Earn-Hourly) Amount: 10.00 USD ' User bakrigrup of worth [do] not come into totally [of] my deposit ask [reply/ answer] now.
15 Dec 2006 12:13 222.124.64.* Golden DividendsWhere is my referal bonus for supri 15% * $ 98.8 not yet you sent to my E-gold account till now
14 Dec 2006 17:06222.124.102.*F-InvestmentPlease you pay my withdraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 Dec 2006 11:17 222.124.119.* Q-InvestmentWhich/Such] and money of account my lose off hand what you intend to cheat in order not to pay [for] and process of aktiffkan again my account [of] bakrigrup, and bakrigrup_investment of rayengrup responsibility [do] not come up 1 day eliminated [by] [rep
14 Dec 2006 8:37222.124.65.*Land EarnHello why you not yet pay [for] $ 49 withdrawal of advantage of payee me..... payee .... payee !!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 Dec 2006 8:21222.124.65.*InvestHourlyHello why you not yet pay [for] $ 49 withdrawal of advantage of payee me..... payee .... payee !!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 Dec 2006 12:49 222.124.122.* Golden DividendsMy referal bonus from pawidodoir 15% from $ 50 till now I not yet accept while to see bonus can't page[by] him
13 Dec 2006 4:23 222.124.83.* Q-InvestmentQ-Investment Situs [do] not come up what is it help e-mail to we don't disappear off hand
13 Dec 2006 3:10 222.124.118.* Capital On LineDevoted why payment of advantage goodness and also tardy to commission always help rather quickly other dong such as those which
11 Dec 2006 19:01222.124.123.*Earn-HourlyWithdrawal of direct profit to my e-gold this [is] very gratifying to take care of to continue your image don't disappoint your client barge ahead from Indonesia bakrigrup
11 Dec 2006 17:36222.124.123.*OnlineIncomeDirectBeware of do not want to pay [for] advantage of payee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hoi.
11 Dec 2006 13:24 222.124.66.* Emirates HYIPThank you have proved an very good profit make me
10 Dec 2006 14:10222.124.123.*Golden DividendsThank you you very care with client of bakrigrup Indonesian [is] I will promote in Indonesia
10 Dec 2006 14:02222.124.123.*InvestHourlyVery good big profit per hour and direct withdrawal [of] you continue to take care of trust of your client.
10 Dec 2006 13:57222.124.123.*Land EarnVery good big profit per hour and direct withdrawal [of] you continue to take care of trust of your client.
10 Dec 2006 13:43222.124.123.*Capital On LineI am cladding with you although lose time but bonus of referal I have been paid bakrigrup from Indonesia
10 Dec 2006 5:54 222.124.75.* OnlineIncomeDirectI withddraw $ 0,5 in the reality [do] not be paid to beware of lalau like this.
9 Dec 2006 18:58222.124.75.*Global Invest SiteVery good snugly 24 [hour/clock] of profit my direct paid equal to 15% bakrigrup from Indonesia
9 Dec 2006 16:58222.124.75.*F-InvestmentVery good new me become [hour/clock] client 15.23 WIB [hour/clock] 23.00 WIB have earned profit 5% cladding make F. Invest.
9 Dec 2006 16:40222.124.75.*Europe Trade LtdEutradeltd very good in service each;every question of me as its client [is] always [replied/ answered] quickly eutradeltd barge ahead.
8 Dec 2006 16:30222.124.66.*OnlineIncomeDirectbakrigrup can't login I ask fund of bakrigrup over to my account bakrigrup55 not yet working admin
8 Dec 2006 15:48222.124.66.*Golden DividendsMy referal bonus from suherman 15% from $ 4.9 till now I not yet accept while to see bonus can't page[by] him
8 Dec 2006 15:37222.124.66.*Capital On LineI very disappointed with service of and admin of support capital on line because have never [replied/ answered] my complain as its member, I [is] bonus withdrawal of referal [do] not be paid $ 0,90 asked have never been reciprocated and till now earning w