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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
28 Sep 2007 7:5889.102.74.*ClassicIncomeI see only positive voices! I'm here with the test spend.
26 May 2007 11:5589.102.74.*Maya-FundReally excellent project! Thanks to Admins.
22 May 2007 15:3189.102.74.*Maya-FundThanks for admin. I'm very satisfied with this project.
30 Jan 2007 9:2489.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdThis project is best!!! Payment without problem!
15 Jan 2007 22:4189.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdVery stable paying program! Paid!!
8 Jan 2007 19:2089.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdThe best stable paying programm! Recommend for everyone!
4 Jan 2007 22:5489.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
22 Dec 2006 11:2889.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdStable payout. I like this program!
17 Dec 2006 16:5789.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdJust have been paid. Exellent program!
11 Dec 2006 14:3389.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdI am very satisfied with this programm, always pays without problems.
6 Dec 2006 19:0289.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdThe program is the best! The site always pays quickly and without problems!