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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
12 Jan 2017 16:48185.3.35.*DeriveMoneyНе платит мне уже несколько месяцев
12 Jan 2017 16:42185.3.35.*5bitАдмин заблокировал мой кабинет вместо выплаты.
4 Jan 2017 16:5485.26.186.*HourPaySKAM SKAM NOT PAY
4 Jan 2017 16:5185.26.186.*5bitSKAM SKAM NOT PAY
4 Jan 2017 16:4885.26.186.*DeriveMoneySKAM SKAM NOT PAY
4 Jan 2017 16:4585.26.186.*24PaysSKAM SKAM NOT PAY
4 Jan 2017 16:4185.26.186.*HourDepositSKAM SKAM NOT PAY
4 Jan 2017 16:3785.26.186.*HourBitSKAM SKAM NOT PAY
11 Aug 2016 18:37 185.3.33.* BitWalletSKAM SKAM Проект не платит
23 Nov 2013 14:46 95.153.197.* Latitude PayDoes not pay me already several days.
3 Nov 2013 19:42 217.118.81.* HourlyCurrencyThe Request to all monitor take away this site a swindler with their own pages. Inthe beginning HYIP pays instant, but then blocks under pretext of the fight forged count. On my reference was registered doughter, so have blocked both counts money has lost
29 May 2013 17:0683.149.28.*Earning TrustSeveral times l took part in like project from Los-Anzhelesa, but not reek l have not paid and have not answered.