Vote Information for Account U1013??14


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
25 Apr 2016 2:08 112.198.101.* RXN InvestmentsI will keep posting this. DO NOT INVEST. A bunch of scumbags.
13 Apr 2016 1:16 112.198.101.* RXN InvestmentsDO NOT INVEST. Lots of fake votes here. Check my previous posts. Even maxhyip has 0 star rating!
4 Apr 2016 14:08 112.198.102.* RXN InvestmentsI repeat, DO NOT INVEST. Theyll ask for more money before you can get 100 of your investment. I only got 37. They disabled my account after several messages to them. Instead of communicating theyll remove you.
3 Apr 2016 19:31 112.198.102.* RXN InvestmentsGood votes with the same or similar comments? Yeah right. DO NOT INVEST.MAXHYIP should at least hear this out. The majority isnt always right. I hope the monitoring is not just based on good votes or payment, but also HEARS out people.
31 Mar 2016 15:37 112.198.82.* RXN InvestmentsThe votes after my first post are probably from them. Trying to get good ratings. AGAIN DO NOT INVEST. DO NOT BE DECEIVED
24 Mar 2016 3:39 121.54.54.* RXN InvestmentsSent 0.1 to perfectmoney, asking me to reinvest. Why should I? I only have 37 ROI
23 Mar 2016 9:45 121.54.54.* RXN InvestmentsSelective payout. Only pays monitors. Asked for withdrawal to no avail. DO NOT INVEST