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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
13 Mar 2007 4:3870.190.159.*Euro Capital InvestSo Im gonna spend another 1cent with top100hyip which leaves alot of things to say, specially with the 'paying' sign when all people are getting ripped off by these 'investors' like euro capital
13 Mar 2007 4:2970.190.159.*EgoldProfitSitetoday I got an 'optimistic email' from them, stating that they had sent withdraw to account n/a with batch n/a i guess they got mistaken the n/a with my account and e-gold batch :), put admin behind bars
11 Mar 2007 2:2070.190.159.*EgoldProfitSiteWebsite was paying untill the 7th, they are going down now, don't invest admin is not replying
10 Mar 2007 0:2970.190.159.*Euro Capital InvestMade deposit of $30 dollars, did not received anything back, sent admin 2 emails that they never replied, dont invest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big SCAM
7 Mar 2007 18:4870.190.159.*EgoldProfitSitePaid my first investment on the 2 day program Thank You
5 Mar 2007 1:1470.190.159.*Neo-YieldPaying me seven days out of 24 so far so good