Vote Information for Account 386??69


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
15 May 2007 18:0967.63.82.*Spider-ManSCAM....This program is NOT paying! Now withdrawals are "Pending"...
9 May 2007 17:0567.63.82.*HadeStoreThis program is NOT paying! I have 4 pending withdrawals.
21 Feb 2007 21:3567.63.82.*The Gold GroupWe're slowly growing.....and STILL paying!!!
15 Feb 2007 23:2667.63.82.*GjHyipThe Party is OVER! No payment today!...I almost broke even, too!
15 Feb 2007 13:1467.63.82.*White CapitalDid not paid...and even made up a false batch #....VERY Big Scam!
31 Jan 2007 16:1667.63.82.*Euronext-Trade
14 Jan 2007 8:5567.63.82.*MKClubSite is down now, and didn't pay on last withdrawal.