Vote Information for Account 249??18


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RateTime (GMT)IPProgramComments
23 Jun 2007 19:0024.222.145.*HyipInLetSCAM,closed after only two days ,stay away
28 Apr 2007 2:5924.222.145.*Riant HYIPit's well over two weeks now and nothing paid,admin of Royaltyratings
28 Apr 2007 2:2524.222.145.*ie-Investboth withdrawls are now pending and I have had no contact with ieinvest,-Royaltyratings admin
21 Apr 2007 2:1124.222.145.*Riant HYIPstill havent been able to log in ,he only owes me $10.60,you would think hes scammed enough of us to pay that,
19 Apr 2007 4:1024.222.145.*Riant HYIPstill not paid,don't expect to be,still can't log in. you lucky devils he only owes me $10.60
15 Apr 2007 5:2424.222.145.*Riant HYIPNow my account is locked and he still refusses to pay me,wonderfull ain't it
13 Apr 2007 20:1624.222.145.*Riant HYIPthese people have no intention of paying you the investor,just the monitors
23 Feb 2007 15:54 24.222.29.* Gold-Benefitaccount has not been updated sinse last night ,something wrong
8 Feb 2007 18:5124.222.228.*Global Trader Plusstop sending treat emails fred,I've taken them too the police.
7 Feb 2007 16:0224.222.228.*Global Trader Plusstill not paying and refusess to fix my account balance
6 Feb 2007 16:0724.222.228.*Global Trader Plustells me my payment has been made,but it's not there
6 Feb 2007 1:2424.222.228.*HappyProfitstill not paying,selective at best.
4 Feb 2007 22:4424.222.228.*HappyProfitselective paying,the site said I was paid,no I wasn't
14 Jan 2007 20:4324.222.228.*Golden 1000% Dailyi'll vote good when i'm paid,until then it's bad.