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Program Start:Wed, 02 November 2011
Start Monitoring:Wed, 02 November 2011
Last Payout:Fri, 18 November 2011
NB Days Paying:16
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19 Nov 2011 19:10U263??01178.254.234.*This is great. Paying me again and again daily!
19 Nov 2011 18:54U122??4587.120.24.*Paying well so far. I hope that they will be online for long time!
19 Nov 2011 18:36U266??3795.79.243.*thanks to be punctual
19 Nov 2011 18:06U940??64 178.74.244.* coin money with this excellent payment.
19 Nov 2011 17:52U363??5431.31.105.*I trust this admin First time I ever made profit from any program
19 Nov 2011 17:33U430??27109.87.24.*simply remarkable project! I think at this project the big future!
19 Nov 2011 17:17U228??73188.24.70.*paying complete in 10 days. Thank you for great proffesional work, make to reinvest in large amount.
19 Nov 2011 16:53U219??4077.247.21.*withdraw paid within 1 hour, good program and fast payment. great AAA
19 Nov 2011 16:26U703??33 89.146.143.* surprising !!!got back again 200$!!
19 Nov 2011 15:44U702??3481.83.51.*i can never forget this excellent payment. real paying, fast support
18 Nov 2011 15:52U634??1677.71.10.*I am so comfortable with this program!
18 Nov 2011 15:11U876??4493.189.148.*This is very reliable program.Thanks for your helps.
18 Nov 2011 14:45U190??90 84.46.246.* This is a wonderful program. It pays on time everytime.
18 Nov 2011 14:05U790??9591.210.22.*Really the best online program , paid me.
18 Nov 2011 13:33U079??60109.161.108.*Received my payments yesterday. Many thanks admin.. Excellent payment record.
18 Nov 2011 13:05U263??0185.21.144.*Paid, first payment received $50.
18 Nov 2011 12:47U122??45188.26.254.*a site with a honest admin, you are the best
18 Nov 2011 12:26U266??3795.133.83.*wonderful, you are worth to be call that names....
18 Nov 2011 12:05U940??6492.244.114.*got paid. thanks $30.
18 Nov 2011 11:52U363??54178.17.198.*paid into my account, thanks
17 Nov 2011 19:55U079??60178.213.169.*Huumm!This site is really really paying! you are the best!
17 Nov 2011 19:21U430??27109.86.156.*payments regular ! i like to work with this program!
17 Nov 2011 18:58U228??7331.31.110.*paid without problems fast
17 Nov 2011 18:37U219??4093.75.16.*Admins, ur project is the best one! give me more money,thank you!
17 Nov 2011 17:38U703??3388.188.113.*Got paid everyday and always fast, I am extremely happy with this program!
17 Nov 2011 15:28U634??16 178.116.145.* I earn my real profits in the program.
17 Nov 2011 14:47U876??44 78.90.23.* Super Hyip in TimeNOW !!! ..
17 Nov 2011 14:24U190??9046.118.187.*Its a great program ! instant paying. Got paid again ! thank you .....
17 Nov 2011 14:05U790??9546.63.63.*Great design man,very nice , I will invest here! Thanks!
17 Nov 2011 13:13U702??34194.23.60.*Received payment fast! Thank you!
16 Nov 2011 17:28U263??0193.74.109.*You are the best program in paying on time.Thanks a lot
16 Nov 2011 16:44U122??45178.210.20.*Thanks again for the payout !!
16 Nov 2011 16:26U266??3793.74.141.*Received first withdrawal $200 today everything is fine.
16 Nov 2011 16:08U940??6492.36.255.*Your site is unique in paying on time; keep it up with good payment.
16 Nov 2011 15:47U363??5481.190.73.*i will forever invest with you paid always
16 Nov 2011 15:29U430??2779.118.83.*Paid again very very good program thanks admin
16 Nov 2011 15:07U228??7377.121.125.*Payment of $197.50 received into LR very, very quickly.
16 Nov 2011 14:40U219??4089.201.119.*yes,invest here,paying and paying.
16 Nov 2011 14:06U703??33 79.188.119.* Been paid 4 times so far and re-invested most of it.
16 Nov 2011 13:37U634??1646.42.132.*Paying on time as they promised..Thx Admin,,,
16 Nov 2011 9:46U471??44 188.195.227.* Received fast payment no. 3 !!! 11/16/2011 07:36 7660xxxx U8208282 (Web Corporate) $34.95
15 Nov 2011 16:29U876??4479.119.164.*very solid program,serieus approach and regular payouts
15 Nov 2011 16:09U190??90178.158.89.*This project never missed a payment. I am very glad to be with site.
15 Nov 2011 15:51U790??95188.143.20.*Strong program. Constant stable payouts. Compouding 100%
15 Nov 2011 15:19U079??6077.122.7.*Admin are very impressived,paid $50 to me again!
15 Nov 2011 13:35U263??0186.104.44.*Great, i got paid again. my support here.great admin. good job
15 Nov 2011 13:06U122??4594.178.39.*great, fantastic, prompt and reliable. keep it up
15 Nov 2011 12:37U266??3746.182.52.*Good one. i got my payment today Amount:$52.60 re-invested $500 hope you pay me tommorow.
15 Nov 2011 11:49U940??64188.130.193.*I have no complaints here. Good program,paid on time,thank you!
15 Nov 2011 11:06U363??5487.253.16.*I got paid again, so do not be afraid to invest here because admin is honest!
15 Nov 2011 10:26U430??2746.118.22.*Payments receive very fast!The admin is honest and responsive!
14 Nov 2011 17:27U228??73 79.135.196.* Recommended Program Full paid again.!
14 Nov 2011 17:07U703??33188.24.196.*very solid program,serieus approach and regular payouts
14 Nov 2011 16:43U702??34193.109.249.*this program is paying for a long time
14 Nov 2011 16:29U634??16178.158.88.*Nice PAYING site and RATE Us page is pretty
14 Nov 2011 16:08U876??4485.224.142.*Get constantly paid on time. Premium HYIP!
14 Nov 2011 15:07U190??9085.11.184.*You are more than a boss, what a great returns i have from you always.
14 Nov 2011 14:48U079??6077.78.30.*You shall grow for them to see and they will have to nothing rather than to bow.
14 Nov 2011 13:58U263??0162.201.94.*Received two payments. Many thanks admin.. Excellent payment record and customer liason.
14 Nov 2011 13:31U266??37188.24.53.*Another fast payment recieved. thank. Great program and great Admin
14 Nov 2011 13:02U940??64109.87.24.*First time i have evr being paid in Hyip
13 Nov 2011 19:48U363??5489.103.103.*Its real, received first withdrawal $200 without dalay.
13 Nov 2011 19:34U430??2779.113.14.*i am so glad i discovered this great hyip site, its the ultimate
13 Nov 2011 18:38U228??7395.77.236.*Nice serious project!Paid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
13 Nov 2011 17:54U219??4046.119.82.*I will continue to invest more the more you continue paying me.
13 Nov 2011 17:33U703??33 109.104.163.* you have been good and paying, Keep It Up we rate again if gotten Paid
13 Nov 2011 16:35U702??34178.120.191.*One of my dream was always finding a good hyip site, pays every day, pays stably ...
13 Nov 2011 16:11U634??1679.118.59.*I think you guys are great, keep up the good work.
13 Nov 2011 15:44U876??44109.121.211.*Payment received always on time here, thanks admin!
13 Nov 2011 14:36U190??9095.221.105.*I tested it with just $100,and now I am so happy because I got back all my money and profit.
13 Nov 2011 13:58U079??6080.80.46.*Everybody enjoy invest here,you can invest here too!!!
12 Nov 2011 22:23U263??01178.118.38.*This HYIP never missed a payment. I am very glad to be with site
12 Nov 2011 21:59U122??4594.156.171.*simply remarkable project! I think at this project the big future!
12 Nov 2011 21:36U266??3762.163.235.*Site always pays quickly and without problems!
12 Nov 2011 20:59U940??64178.94.129.*Always get payments from this awesome program!
12 Nov 2011 20:45U363??5489.102.151.*The best program in my list
12 Nov 2011 19:35U430??2777.52.32.*payment received thanks admin for replying fast
12 Nov 2011 19:01U228??73178.168.34.*Very-very good. I really like it !
12 Nov 2011 18:14U219??40188.233.59.*this site is very good,you can vote 4 it
12 Nov 2011 17:19U703??3389.228.123.*100% HONEST PROGRAM...
12 Nov 2011 16:42U702??3431.31.107.*PROFIT RECEIVED TWENTY THREE TIMES
11 Nov 2011 20:20U219??40 188.25.237.* Thanks Admin for all hard work.
11 Nov 2011 19:16U876??4485.228.121.*Paid fast! THANKS
11 Nov 2011 18:45U190??9094.176.150.*Thanks a lot for your helps.
11 Nov 2011 18:19U790??95195.132.86.*since investing here, I am on easy street!
11 Nov 2011 17:51U079??6089.134.236.*Paid and reinvested 100%! This one is here for the long term!
11 Nov 2011 16:52U263??0193.73.234.*Thanks Admin for all hard work. I am satisfied, you are doing great!Thank you!
11 Nov 2011 16:27U122??45109.227.98.*good project and nice site!I get my payment without problem.
11 Nov 2011 14:01U266??3781.22.139.*pay me all the time.I think it is a honest and excellent program.
11 Nov 2011 13:44U940??6485.238.109.*payment and sent it back for the new deposite. Thank You!
11 Nov 2011 13:27U363??5479.115.208.*you project is the best! I want it! plz keep! Thanx! Thanx!
10 Nov 2011 17:07U430??2783.95.134.*Pay me on time so good ....honest admin Thanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
10 Nov 2011 16:41U228??73178.125.76.*Excellent program thanks to admin,got my payment within one hour.Will invest more next time!!!
10 Nov 2011 16:20U219??40 85.253.105.* very gooooooooood PROGRAM keep it up got PAID today,everyday.tell my friends to join
10 Nov 2011 15:54U703??33212.13.10.*I have been paid! Thanks so much admin, keep your good work!
10 Nov 2011 15:37U702??3465.29.146.*Got paid. Senks
10 Nov 2011 14:50U634??1685.195.0.*Got paid every time, lost count of the number of times sometimes in only 3 minutes mony in my account. Thanks admin
10 Nov 2011 14:16U876??4489.45.24.*PAID. Never A problem, never missed A pay day. All is very WELL..
10 Nov 2011 13:37U190??90213.180.103.*Just have been paid. My parents and I - we thank you kindly!
10 Nov 2011 13:03U790??95 86.107.118.* Truely the best paying site
10 Nov 2011 12:35U079??6089.103.103.*100% paying
9 Nov 2011 17:21U263??0194.225.117.*I come to terms with this honesty and fast paying. Got back 416$.
9 Nov 2011 16:59U122??45178.150.89.*forever i will always be proud of you, so keep flag moving.
9 Nov 2011 16:41U266??3777.122.181.*I think the program is so good,get paid.
9 Nov 2011 16:13U940??64109.87.24.*First of many payments. Thanks
9 Nov 2011 15:43U363??5495.85.186.*Honest and correctly paying HYIP. Get paid every business day. Reinvested 300.
9 Nov 2011 15:18U430??2789.29.124.*Excellent HYIP and support. Got payment, I like it!
9 Nov 2011 14:39U228??7346.182.53.*BEST OF THE BEST...
9 Nov 2011 14:16U219??4093.116.218.*Payment received - Thank You
9 Nov 2011 13:53U703??3346.33.35.*Good invest program and good percent plan
9 Nov 2011 9:35U702??3446.42.145.*I am very happy with this program got paid
8 Nov 2011 17:44U634??16178.137.145.*Paid to all of the requested cashout yesterday! Thanks!
8 Nov 2011 17:25U876??4478.63.86.*Got $300 to my account, very good site.
8 Nov 2011 15:30U190??9087.247.41.*The best HYIP program that I have involved.
8 Nov 2011 15:15U790??95145.92.157.*Paid me today my withdrawal request. Thank you. Great investment program.
8 Nov 2011 14:59U079??60109.125.5.*Pay me normally,i think the progrma runs smoothly.
8 Nov 2011 14:39U263??01178.94.20.*Paid well and always on time!Good!
8 Nov 2011 14:17U122??4546.98.63.*cash out yesterday and return is big! real big money! thank you!!!!!!
8 Nov 2011 13:54U266??37194.237.14.*Paid immediately upon request. Thanks!
8 Nov 2011 13:32U940??6482.67.97.*Got payment. My deposit became larger and larger each day.
8 Nov 2011 12:59U363??54178.213.168.*I have always been paid on time by this group. Thanks!
7 Nov 2011 16:03U266??3762.163.235.*Great site... been paid several times, and always within an hour of my request
7 Nov 2011 15:29U430??27194.23.60.*This is a wonderful program.
7 Nov 2011 15:07U219??4046.119.67.*It pays on time everytime
7 Nov 2011 14:44U703??3388.189.53.*Excellent Very nice looking site!
7 Nov 2011 14:29U702??3479.110.4.*I was paid many times.so honest admin.
7 Nov 2011 13:53U634??1677.0.98.*Good job.I think the admin is so honest and conscientious.
7 Nov 2011 13:32U876??44178.74.209.*The program seems more and more hotter.Paying all the time.
7 Nov 2011 12:58U190??90212.13.12.*This is paying every day, good program !!!Thank you Admin!
7 Nov 2011 12:42U790??9594.232.78.*Got my paid 50$ again.
7 Nov 2011 12:19U079??6095.28.14.*it is a very good site and honest admin.
6 Nov 2011 16:40U122??4589.228.123.*investors like you are hardly found on this eaerth
6 Nov 2011 16:32U940??6481.182.60.*The No1 hyips that never delay is payment.
6 Nov 2011 15:52U363??5495.69.154.*This site is uniqe in paying fast and ontime
6 Nov 2011 15:37U430??2789.69.197.*Senks admin. Paid
6 Nov 2011 15:19U228??73178.158.140.*Number one paying hyip, honest admin,
6 Nov 2011 15:05U219??4093.190.183.*This program is so successful that its name become a household world.
6 Nov 2011 14:46U703??3394.244.18.*You whip the pants off others.
6 Nov 2011 12:28U702??34188.115.172.*Oh!! two times profit completed today.So this is a save place to invest your money
6 Nov 2011 12:08U634??16109.227.115.*Each person who has investored here,are happy with fast supporting.
6 Nov 2011 11:52U876??44188.25.186.*fast and reliable, i am happy i invested
6 Nov 2011 11:09U190??9086.126.192.*you are fantastic.always pay on time! Hope things will go perfectly!!
6 Nov 2011 10:35U790??9578.24.74.*I think it is a very good site and honest admin. Glad to in the site.
6 Nov 2011 10:12U079??6046.102.48.*Hurry up to join and get your profit!
5 Nov 2011 11:39U263??01 95.133.220.* you are number ONE!EXCELLENT
5 Nov 2011 11:27U122??4546.118.150.*Paid me direct to my LR account today
5 Nov 2011 11:08U266??37212.21.243.*To my mind this program is the best of all ever seen.
5 Nov 2011 10:48U940??64188.2.176.*Well, so far they paying me daily and no problems here
5 Nov 2011 10:34U363??5489.103.103.*I got again very fast and nice for paying me more ! thanks
4 Nov 2011 16:39U430??2791.137.145.*Nice program.
4 Nov 2011 16:24U228??7362.98.47.*they paid me every payday
4 Nov 2011 16:02U219??4089.103.77.*withdrawal processed. great program.
4 Nov 2011 15:39U703??3384.40.115.*It's a paying HYIP!
4 Nov 2011 15:13U702??34109.104.178.*very good program excellent Always paid me
4 Nov 2011 14:49U634??16195.182.213.*I like you. Fast payments.
4 Nov 2011 14:21U876??4485.92.239.*Always fast payments. Really a great program.
4 Nov 2011 13:45U190??9046.118.80.*Thanks for always being there you will make me rich
4 Nov 2011 13:20U790??9588.132.118.*Keep up the GOOD work.
4 Nov 2011 12:57U079??6046.42.148.*the is to be trust in you are very superb

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23 August 2019
Sky Cash
195%-205% After 5 Minutes, 210%-225% After 10 Minutes, 250%-265% After 15 Minutes.
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22 August 2019
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21 August 2019
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195% After 15 Minutes, 255% After 30 Minutes, 315% After 1 Hour.
20 August 2019
iClub Investment
266% After 12 Minutes, 277% After 30 Minutes, 311% After 2 Hours.
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250% After 10 Minutes, 340% After 20 Minutes, 420% After 1 Hour.
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1.45%-1.54% hourly for 72 hours, 4%-9% hourly for 48 hours, 13%-19% hourly for 24 hours.
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Automatic exchange Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPAY, HD-Money, Pecunix, LiqPay, Z-Payment
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Return: 632.35%
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0.9%-1.5% daily for 120 Days, 123%-130% After 20 Days, 1.5%-2% Hourly For 100 Hours.
Return: 301.48%
110%-130% After 30 Days, 108%-110% After 7 Days, 105%-107% After 3 Days.
Return: 278.61%
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1%-3% daily forever, 125% after 7 days.
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2% Weekly for 777 days, 12500%-400% after 160-20 Business Days, 7%-20% Daily for 120-14 Business Days.
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1%-3% daily for lifetime.
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2.1% Weekly for 700 Days.
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Hyfunds Inc
3% Weekly for 1000 Days, 8%-20% Daily for 30 Calendar Days, 160%-220% after 10 Calendar Days.
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1%-3% daily for 200 days.
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2% weekly for 10 weeks.
Return: 413.99%
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1.1%-3.3% daily forever, 150% after 1 week.
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RXN Investments
1%-3% daily for lifetime.
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