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Program Start:Fri, 29 July 2011
Start Monitoring:Fri, 29 July 2011
Last Payout:Fri, 02 September 2011
NB Days Paying:35
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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyIPComments
3 Sep 2011 10:39U430??2787.121.5.*I got it all,the entire profit of $580 investment
3 Sep 2011 10:05U228??7395.111.51.*very great paying project that I can count on when it comes to big investment!
3 Sep 2011 9:44U219??40178.149.10.*THE BEST HIGH PROFIT PROGRAM !! Many payments received!!!
3 Sep 2011 8:59U703??3383.31.202.*This program is really helpful management pay me for best plan
3 Sep 2011 8:33U702??3494.224.12.*Get ride of your problems. This program is fantastic
2 Sep 2011 17:49U082??36 90.186.238.* Not Paying!!!,Not Paying!!!,Not Paying!!!,
2 Sep 2011 16:27U079??6084.54.135.*its great to be part of this great hyip site, fast payment
2 Sep 2011 15:43U263??01188.163.80.*Will vote when I got paid to my account. Good Support Keep work admin!
2 Sep 2011 15:16U430??2789.212.246.*seems more and more hotter.i think the admin do the program well.
2 Sep 2011 14:41U228??73109.200.243.*Been paid again.Nice site and honest admin.
2 Sep 2011 13:06U634??16109.110.10.*I am so glad that i often received my profits by this good program.
1 Sep 2011 9:56U634??16178.126.174.*Good hyip..paid and paid again.
1 Sep 2011 8:35U079??6089.106.118.*Always Happy with you .Thanks admin for your on time payments.
1 Sep 2011 7:48U263??0186.121.96.*You realy my favorite HYIP!!
1 Sep 2011 7:21U266??3795.27.214.*This is a site that operate with homesty. i love it.
1 Sep 2011 6:56U940??6482.78.172.*Nice payment received again.Thanks honest and conscientious admin.
31 Aug 2011 13:36U430??27109.86.6.*I am happy i invested, i am paid regularly
31 Aug 2011 12:37U228??7346.47.116.*we have paid all of your profit , Fast paid, thanks admin
31 Aug 2011 11:38U219??40 62.30.214.* Always paying in time.
31 Aug 2011 10:50U634??16188.2.201.*Hope things will go perfectly!! got my payout.
31 Aug 2011 10:01U079??6078.84.150.*this is exquisitely different from the rest, simply the best
30 Aug 2011 13:51U263??0184.38.177.*The best thing that ever happened to me is investing with this site!
30 Aug 2011 13:16U122??4584.252.33.*Paid and rated, very nice company to invest. Hurry up!!!
30 Aug 2011 12:36U266??3778.24.74.*Once more PAY me on time , no problem ,excellent program.
30 Aug 2011 12:05U940??6489.215.4.*It's a popular program among investors. paid again.
30 Aug 2011 11:09U079??60151.25.89.*Got paid and I have made many profits.
29 Aug 2011 14:43U430??2792.241.238.*Get paid quickly and correctly as always. Thank you admin!
29 Aug 2011 14:05U228??732.93.203.*Perfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
29 Aug 2011 13:16U190??9087.120.150.*Always paid - no problem Thanks Admin!
29 Aug 2011 12:41U219??4095.27.208.*I want to invest, i need more explaination,
29 Aug 2011 11:40U703??33217.30.198.*nice program, paying fast. invest here.
28 Aug 2011 14:09U122??45 109.125.195.* Site always pays quickly and without problems!
28 Aug 2011 13:34U634??16212.22.197.*Well paying site with quality support
28 Aug 2011 12:31U876??44188.244.29.*No problem with this site, Pays every request.
28 Aug 2011 11:02U790??9588.184.128.*Everything all right. I just loged in and requested payment!
28 Aug 2011 8:25U079??60217.30.199.*The project pays regularly. Thanks!
27 Aug 2011 11:49U263??01188.163.98.*I was paid today on time,keep up the good work
27 Aug 2011 11:24U122??4583.95.134.*i received 60$ today.keep it up!
27 Aug 2011 10:48U266??3795.68.43.*just marvelousThe product you are producing is so good,so keep it up
27 Aug 2011 10:22U940??6488.189.193.*unbelievable! a complete profit paid for professional plan!
27 Aug 2011 8:54U363??5478.96.149.*paid as usual for the eight times
26 Aug 2011 15:04U430??2777.122.181.*pay!pay!pay! in term of attending to customer.
26 Aug 2011 13:49U228??73178.168.15.*Vote surprising
26 Aug 2011 13:04U703??3346.33.227.*You serve me with honesty, God shall be with you always
26 Aug 2011 13:02U219??4046.33.227.*!!!
26 Aug 2011 10:52U702??3493.16.171.*HONESTY PROGRAM IT PAID FIRST
25 Aug 2011 16:28U634??1685.201.193.*i just received my payment again, this is great
25 Aug 2011 13:58U876??4480.98.171.*we vote them when get paid
25 Aug 2011 13:24U190??9077.247.22.*is a great program I was paid very fast no excuses just paid. Thanks
25 Aug 2011 12:54U790??95178.164.139.*I did recive my first payment today, and i had the money about 15 min after i made the request
25 Aug 2011 10:41U079??60195.110.46.*Honest admin! Reliable and always paid on time! Be sure to check out
24 Aug 2011 12:59U263??0181.67.77.*Get paid today as usual. Nice project.
24 Aug 2011 11:52U122??4589.212.246.*Best site for fast payout system.
24 Aug 2011 10:54U266??37178.148.252.*regular payouts Honest and correctly paying HYIP.
24 Aug 2011 9:39U940??6478.96.149.*pretty good and fast growing project!
24 Aug 2011 9:01U363??5484.25.182.*I made second investment today
23 Aug 2011 10:14U430??2789.102.97.*I had $50 today.
23 Aug 2011 9:49U228??7384.100.110.*The Best Project!! All very Good!!! very fast paying!
23 Aug 2011 9:02U219??40 188.24.46.* Thanks! Got another payment!
23 Aug 2011 8:21U703??33178.116.145.*Thanks very much for your Excellent program! paid me on time again.
23 Aug 2011 7:48U702??3477.122.130.*Very trustworthy a serious investment.
22 Aug 2011 10:55U634??16178.164.139.*the future looks bright investing in this hyip site
22 Aug 2011 10:32U876??4484.24.201.*Paying thanks admin for the nice projet you provide
22 Aug 2011 9:43U190??90212.22.197.*Best HYIP! Pays correctly and time!!!
22 Aug 2011 9:12U790??95212.225.147.*No doubt for me to invest here again. great one. got paid.
22 Aug 2011 8:40U079??6095.221.118.*better than the rest, no contest, you are the best
21 Aug 2011 15:57U430??27109.87.134.*I return to good financial health after investing in this extraordinary hyip.
21 Aug 2011 15:19U228??7393.73.28.*Very nice looking site. Always pays on time.
21 Aug 2011 14:43U219??4093.100.12.*Receive money,Very professional management and many other good things
21 Aug 2011 14:13U703??33109.175.79.*Paying all the time,so great hyip site!
21 Aug 2011 11:07U702??3491.202.107.*GOOD BETTER BEST YOU SATISFIED ME
20 Aug 2011 15:44U263??0193.126.87.*paid again what more can I say, great site, well done .
20 Aug 2011 14:29U122??4589.46.80.*Get paid many times, so hot and excellent site!
20 Aug 2011 13:13U266??37109.86.167.*YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST IN PAYING...
20 Aug 2011 12:00U940??64109.75.194.*Very well. fast payout.Highly recommended.
20 Aug 2011 11:04U363??5493.72.28.*invested since 2 weeks. They are always paying! I love
19 Aug 2011 16:15U702??3489.141.38.*It will do you good to invest in this site
19 Aug 2011 15:34U634??1681.164.137.*Astonishing program.Always pay fast and on time.
19 Aug 2011 14:50U876??4477.123.63.*After investing here,you will forget your problems
19 Aug 2011 12:49U190??9085.201.193.*Paying on timee good work!
19 Aug 2011 11:52U790??95 93.73.76.* I am sitting pretty, since investing here.
19 Aug 2011 10:24U079??6088.176.69.*Come on! This program is really excellent.
18 Aug 2011 18:47U940??6493.74.133.*very good proram, always pays
18 Aug 2011 18:22U363??54212.225.147.*pays me! Always fast and without troubles.
18 Aug 2011 15:50U430??2777.77.49.*This one is my best program! Thanks Admin for all hard work.
18 Aug 2011 15:15U228??7394.73.32.*Paid! My easy money is HARD work of all people. Thanks and stay with us!
18 Aug 2011 14:31U219??4083.136.244.*paid and rated again! Thaks to admin!
18 Aug 2011 13:48U703??3385.130.60.*Thanks for paying me. Stay here for a long time
18 Aug 2011 12:53U702??3484.100.110.*very good! Always paying!!
17 Aug 2011 18:37U634??1695.69.154.*The best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and pays really on time.
17 Aug 2011 16:01U876??44212.116.85.*Realy the best HYIP program!
17 Aug 2011 15:18U190??9078.159.45.*Many thanks for an excellent program.
17 Aug 2011 13:14U790??9585.198.163.*IMMEDIATELY....TRULY THIS IS THE BEST GOT PAID.
17 Aug 2011 12:17U079??6081.22.139.*A very big thank you towards your rating investment!!
16 Aug 2011 14:21U430??27 46.118.232.* It's really a steady program!!
16 Aug 2011 13:11U228??7389.212.246.*Admin are very impressive,got paid on time!
16 Aug 2011 12:38U219??4088.135.242.*Money , money , money sweeter than honey.Receive my payment.
16 Aug 2011 11:34U703??3394.24.164.*OK Very good program, good site for invest , good payment !!!!!!!!!
16 Aug 2011 10:54U702??34 94.224.213.* Simply the best program ever, reliable and honest service. Paid again, thank you.
15 Aug 2011 19:58U263??0189.76.192.*You make a name for yourself since you are always honest
15 Aug 2011 16:28U122??45109.86.17.*this is cool you won the medal.
15 Aug 2011 15:52U266??3778.8.60.*Serious paying program!
15 Aug 2011 15:16U940??64212.22.201.*Strong program. Constant stable payouts.
15 Aug 2011 14:20U363??5489.134.42.*I am so comfortable with this program!
14 Aug 2011 23:34U634??16 88.164.218.* Who are you? I'm greatness. thanks for been great to me!!!
14 Aug 2011 22:27U876??44178.66.95.*Another payment received, you are now the best site around
14 Aug 2011 21:41U190??90212.50.134.*To see someone like is not easy men you are quite good
14 Aug 2011 19:52U790??95178.121.168.*I strongly recommend this program.They always pay ontime.
14 Aug 2011 19:09U079??60109.254.29.*This is the most fastest paying site i ever seen.
13 Aug 2011 0:00U430??2780.98.64.*PAID!!!Thank for excellent work Admin!
12 Aug 2011 23:26U228??7388.163.250.*Pays on time, good program! Last receiving $220
12 Aug 2011 22:44U219??4077.121.221.*Paid, as always without problems. Thanks Admin
12 Aug 2011 21:36U703??3389.102.222.*Got paid for the first time! Thanks!
12 Aug 2011 21:02U702??3489.114.233.*Recevied some interest and referral comm today, keep great work!
12 Aug 2011 11:26U263??0188.184.128.*Oh! I can't believe this!! $640 in my today!!!
12 Aug 2011 10:45U122??45212.225.147.*this is the only hyip where I have 100% confidence in due to the amount of profit I realized from it
12 Aug 2011 9:29U266??37178.125.210.*good impression......I am very delighted for investing here
12 Aug 2011 8:49U940??64178.165.119.*what a great program!.thanks for this!!miracle
12 Aug 2011 8:04U363??5478.136.121.*always ontime,I am glad for my profit.Thanks.
11 Aug 2011 14:58U634??1688.135.114.*I had $150 today...This really convince me beyond any reasonable doubt.
11 Aug 2011 14:09U876??4491.82.172.*FAST payment once again. Thank You management !!
11 Aug 2011 12:54U190??90151.26.124.*very good and excellent company.Thank you
11 Aug 2011 12:14U790??9585.24.192.*Wonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot,very nice site.
11 Aug 2011 10:58U079??6077.121.194.*good and reliable. I have got all payments
10 Aug 2011 15:23U430??2746.102.61.*INVESTED AND GOT $120 IN 24 HOURS,SUPER GOOD PROGRAMS
10 Aug 2011 14:52U228??7387.121.89.*This is a wonderful place to invest. Im glad I found you guys.
10 Aug 2011 14:03U219??4077.123.63.*This one is a moneymachine for me.
10 Aug 2011 13:09U703??3394.24.158.*well! I received my profit completely!!.
10 Aug 2011 9:25U702??3477.79.166.*Investing here can lead someone to a greater height. I'm so excited.
9 Aug 2011 14:07U263??0193.79.19.*Nice earnings here. Paying daily. Thanks admin.
9 Aug 2011 13:38U122??4577.81.232.*nice program...pays ontime...easy to use!!
9 Aug 2011 13:00U266??372.32.118.*Always paying in time. Very good following up sys
9 Aug 2011 11:43U940??6494.73.32.*is an excellent program. Pays everyday.
9 Aug 2011 10:53U363??5483.136.244.*RECOMEND TO INVEST HERE PAID FAST
8 Aug 2011 14:41U634??16217.108.74.*Honest admin and pays regulary!
8 Aug 2011 14:04U876??44178.118.195.*Vote surprising
8 Aug 2011 13:20U190??9095.87.208.*they send me my money
8 Aug 2011 12:32U790??9584.197.203.*All in time. Super project!
8 Aug 2011 11:42U079??6084.197.136.*Paid without any problems!
7 Aug 2011 15:39U430??2777.247.22.*Honest in payment.Always paying me and my fellows in time.
7 Aug 2011 14:28U228??7387.97.25.*Got paid again, always on time,thanks admin very much!
7 Aug 2011 12:34U219??4046.33.35.*This hyip is working in a good shape.Only positive impressions with these project.
7 Aug 2011 10:22U703??3393.126.87.*If you have money problems,I recommend this wonderful site to you.
7 Aug 2011 9:40U702??3494.244.131.*How honest and punctual you are.I got recieved payment after 3 hours
6 Aug 2011 14:31U263??0178.136.121.*PAYING TODAY, THANKS SO MUCH ADMIN!
6 Aug 2011 12:58U266??37109.87.127.*Paid well and on time! Good!
6 Aug 2011 10:54U940??6446.73.83.*the hyips is okay excellence admin thanks.
6 Aug 2011 10:05U363??5477.121.221.*hot hyip! paying me my profit today!
5 Aug 2011 17:08U634??1693.114.241.*Thanks for the payment,i am happy on this site.
5 Aug 2011 16:28U876??4488.80.108.*No delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
5 Aug 2011 14:50U190??9084.222.17.*Really cool program, my favorite place to invest, paid me again and again!
5 Aug 2011 14:05U790??9577.71.65.*Paid without any problems!got paid today again,admin very very honest!^_^
5 Aug 2011 12:13U079??60217.108.74.*Wonderful Admin honest and fast payouts. Thanks guys.

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23 August 2019
Sky Cash
195%-205% After 5 Minutes, 210%-225% After 10 Minutes, 250%-265% After 15 Minutes.
Crypto Investments
239% After Only 10 minutes, 326% After 25 minutes, 412% After 50 minutes.
22 August 2019
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240% After 20 Minutes, 260% After 40 Minutes, 280% After 1 Hour.
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200% After 10 Minutes, 250% After 30 Minutes, 330% After 1 Hour.
2% Daily for 21 days.
21 August 2019
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174%-194% After 10 Minutes, 266%-306% After 20 Minutes, 418%-498% After 2 Hours.
Profit Blast
195% After 15 Minutes, 255% After 30 Minutes, 315% After 1 Hour.
20 August 2019
iClub Investment
266% After 12 Minutes, 277% After 30 Minutes, 311% After 2 Hours.
Flex Cash
250% After 10 Minutes, 340% After 20 Minutes, 420% After 1 Hour.
10% Daily For 12 Days, 14% Daily For 10 Days, 150% After 8 Days.
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1.08%-1.5% hourly for 96 hours, 5%-8% hourly for 48 hours, 18%-25% hourly for 24 hours.
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2.1% Weekly for 700 Days.
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