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Program Start:Sat, 14 May 2011
Start Monitoring:Sat, 14 May 2011
Last Payout:Sat, 08 October 2011
NB Days Paying:147
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RateTime (GMT)e-currencyIPComments
9 Oct 2011 15:44U228??7393.72.236.*The Best of the Best, I received my payment today.
9 Oct 2011 15:10U219??4046.148.1.*I really appreciate your fast and ontime paying.
9 Oct 2011 14:42U703??3393.126.87.*I have profit today,thanks admin,Good program.
9 Oct 2011 14:19U702??34178.37.247.*This project is a great success.truthful l.Paying interests quite fast.
8 Oct 2011 12:00U122??4584.127.139.*No one can keep up with your integrity ty.You are incomparable.
8 Oct 2011 11:30U266??37178.167.54.*I received big % this morning!!great!!!
8 Oct 2011 10:24U940??64188.26.156.*my heart is full of thanks for this huge profit made
8 Oct 2011 9:47U363??5489.46.5.*You whip the pants off others !! Your fast paying is excellent.
7 Oct 2011 19:00U876??4485.21.144.*Paid again so quickly!going to invest again,thx!
7 Oct 2011 18:31U190??9046.47.116.*Extremely fast in payment!paid again today!
7 Oct 2011 16:41U790??9546.160.108.*Very Prompt
7 Oct 2011 16:04U079??6095.87.208.*GOT $264 today,paid on time as usual,thanks a lot!
6 Oct 2011 9:47U122??45188.25.240.*since investing here, I am on easy street!Thanks alot for your helps.
6 Oct 2011 9:28U266??37188.26.238.*Very good program and Thanks for your on time paymant.
6 Oct 2011 9:07U940??6495.27.25.*I got paid 45 $ today. Your fast paying is unique.
6 Oct 2011 8:17U363??5493.74.5.*paid on time without delay. paid me $220 to my LR account,thanks admin!
5 Oct 2011 17:32U430??27188.115.162.*Only positive impressions with these project!!!
5 Oct 2011 17:13U228??73188.230.68.*Obtain my payment on time,no delay.
5 Oct 2011 16:05U219??4078.96.139.*such a good site, i have got paid thank you sir
5 Oct 2011 15:22U703??33109.89.41.*Just have been paid again ! Exellent program!!!!
5 Oct 2011 14:44U702??34 83.92.18.* Paid as usual,like before.I think it is the stable program.
5 Oct 2011 8:54U472??5178.97.54.*$34 received in my LR again! Thanks admin!Fantastic program!Invest here trustfully!
3 Oct 2011 7:22U790??9579.117.214.*I get payment really on time.
3 Oct 2011 6:33U079??6093.80.64.*Got the payment again and again!!
2 Oct 2011 17:07U472??5178.97.54.*The best site I ever invested in,just got my third payment.Thanks admin!
2 Oct 2011 7:15U122??4579.119.170.*This PROGRAM works good and reliable. I have got all payments
2 Oct 2011 6:57U266??3777.122.151.*It is the excellent project. Iam glad, that I participate in it!
2 Oct 2011 6:34U940??6489.106.118.*This one is realy HOT !!!!
2 Oct 2011 6:08U363??5446.118.37.*I have no complaints here.Good program thank you!
1 Oct 2011 10:06U228??7393.72.88.*it is you, fast. Honest. punctual
1 Oct 2011 9:35U219??4093.72.14.*yummieeeeeeeeee........ it a good day for me.........
1 Oct 2011 9:07U703??3386.126.123.*Luck,becuase this site is realy PAY ment evry day.
1 Oct 2011 8:41U702??3484.38.177.*i will continue investing here
30 Sep 2011 20:20U812??79 109.166.131.* 20 $ paid as usual. Withdrawal to account U8127XXX. Batch is 72086573
30 Sep 2011 8:13U634??1677.37.162.*your best paying program will change my life forever. thank
30 Sep 2011 7:38U876??4494.224.12.*nice admin thanks for me, get the payment
30 Sep 2011 7:08U190??90195.182.195.*one of the surest site to vote
30 Sep 2011 6:22U790??9589.106.122.*great payment thanks admin for the payment
29 Sep 2011 7:45U122??4580.221.17.*The Best Project!! All very Good!!! very fast paying!
29 Sep 2011 7:23U266??3780.80.38.*Thanks! Got another payment!
29 Sep 2011 7:00U940??6493.79.0.*Thanks very much for your Excellent program! paid me on time again.
29 Sep 2011 6:22U363??5494.176.150.*Very trustworthy a serious investment.
28 Sep 2011 10:40U228??7392.115.133.*Good Very good !
28 Sep 2011 10:16U219??4095.160.51.*got my weekly interest! thanks
28 Sep 2011 9:43U703??33194.23.60.*got my weekly interest! thanks
28 Sep 2011 9:08U702??3479.133.156.*on time profit payouts
27 Sep 2011 6:30U876??44217.9.92.*Thinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual!!!
27 Sep 2011 5:41U190??9095.68.111.*One of the best and disburses. Wonderful and great program
27 Sep 2011 5:17U790??95213.114.76.*You have made a good name for yourself since you've started paying fast
27 Sep 2011 4:42U079??6077.122.36.*Thanks alot for being so honest.
26 Sep 2011 9:10U122??4577.122.26.*Vote surprising
26 Sep 2011 8:46U266??3795.28.108.*!!!
26 Sep 2011 8:17U940??64178.155.77.*You serve me with honesty, God shall be with you always
26 Sep 2011 7:35U363??5494.52.174.*HONESTY PROGRAM IT PAID FIRST
25 Sep 2011 20:49U812??79 79.113.244.* First payment and on time. Keep the good work.
25 Sep 2011 9:34U228??7385.238.126.*Money with this fast paying.I got paid always on time.
25 Sep 2011 9:14U219??40188.244.132.*It is really great HYIP. PAID Me Fast.
25 Sep 2011 8:42U703??33109.86.175.*I invested and got my profit without problem. Thanks admin.
25 Sep 2011 8:02U702??3494.176.150.*Paid ,earning daily .thank you admin
24 Sep 2011 9:27U634??1695.59.130.*A very big thank you towards your rating investment!!
24 Sep 2011 9:06U876??4486.126.192.*The best INVESTMENT project! STABLE and pays really on time.
24 Sep 2011 8:45U190??9089.45.24.*Realy the best HYIP program!
24 Sep 2011 8:24U790??9589.114.239.*Many thanks for an excellent program.
22 Sep 2011 5:36U122??45213.231.51.*You are the best program in paying on time.Thanks alot.
22 Sep 2011 5:15U266??37109.201.225.*Your fast paying is as clear as a day. Thanks alot.
22 Sep 2011 4:51U940??6494.76.117.*Try this wonderful site
22 Sep 2011 4:29U363??5484.123.125.*I admire your fast paying and punctuality your payment are astonishing
21 Sep 2011 15:19U228??7388.184.128.*Getting my payments , it is very stable and professional program!
21 Sep 2011 14:46U219??40188.24.193.*Successfully got my money!! thanks.
21 Sep 2011 14:20U703??33178.158.137.*This is a paying program. I paid many times and it is still PAYING!
21 Sep 2011 13:41U702??3488.189.193.*paid!Right choice to invest,stable program!
20 Sep 2011 18:56U876??4489.174.196.*Paid referral commission.
20 Sep 2011 18:27U190??9095.50.120.*hyip is one of the best!
20 Sep 2011 17:34U790??9578.59.50.*this programme is extremely unique i love it.
20 Sep 2011 16:49U079??6085.228.125.*This Hyip paid fast.
19 Sep 2011 0:58U122??45109.125.29.*Definitely one of the very best hyips till date
19 Sep 2011 0:29U263??0146.37.85.*Don't miss this time to be rich.Invest here s happy as a king!
18 Sep 2011 23:42U363??54109.237.42.*Paid again!Quality program to invest.I 'm happy to be here!
18 Sep 2011 23:18U219??4079.112.224.*After acquainted with you , I've left other sites behind!!
18 Sep 2011 15:21U876??4477.122.150.*Site looks alright and plans look good.
18 Sep 2011 14:57U190??9095.30.121.*This project is a great success;truthful l.
18 Sep 2011 14:19U790??9588.184.128.*More than excellent, this program pay everyday.Congratulation Admin.
18 Sep 2011 13:33U079??6083.84.170.*For easy earning,just invest here
17 Sep 2011 15:30U228??7395.24.197.*I am thankful for all the helps which you have done.
17 Sep 2011 15:05U219??4078.96.149.*Safest site to invest in. Never misses a payment. Keep up the good work.
17 Sep 2011 14:35U703??3383.213.184.*Very satisfied with this program. Always PAID me fast. Great investment.
17 Sep 2011 13:47U702??34109.87.24.*Congrats to all who getting paid. PAID me today, too!!
16 Sep 2011 17:56U190??9094.176.150.*This program is so successful that its name became a household world .
16 Sep 2011 15:56U790??95178.158.137.*Good program! Paid regularly in a great shape!!
16 Sep 2011 15:28U079??6093.189.148.*Perfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me
16 Sep 2011 14:55U363??5494.224.12.*Today got paid! thanks for your good job
15 Sep 2011 18:33U292??99 203.78.121.* $122.00 has been successfully sent. Th'x admin
15 Sep 2011 10:29U219??40 85.130.37.* Payout received as usual.
15 Sep 2011 9:49U703??33 83.31.15.* I am very happy with this hyip, they pay fast to my account.
15 Sep 2011 9:22U702??34109.87.24.*The admin of the program always pays as far
15 Sep 2011 8:31U876??4494.178.42.*just paid me without problem.
14 Sep 2011 10:17U790??9588.81.34.*Nice payout received again.Thanks admin very much.
14 Sep 2011 9:55U079??60195.211.138.*paying me all the time.I hope it can be on line for ever.
14 Sep 2011 9:12U263??0178.84.224.*they are really making it I just got paid
14 Sep 2011 8:38U363??5491.211.69.*Like others I got paid,once again thank you! hope to see you more! keep it up!
13 Sep 2011 14:57U219??4077.122.187.*really fantastic.....I got paid for the second time. . . .
13 Sep 2011 14:26U703??3393.73.78.*Thanks for paying me money.Good Investment.
13 Sep 2011 14:06U702??3484.40.115.*Cool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
13 Sep 2011 13:37U876??4479.109.199.*Thanks for your caring and loving administrative style ...
12 Sep 2011 15:21U430??2777.122.26.*This hyip Paid very fast. very good and great program.
12 Sep 2011 15:06U228??7385.201.236.*I hope that this hyip will be online for long time!
12 Sep 2011 14:29U219??40 93.81.7.* Thanks!!! Got payment today!!!
12 Sep 2011 13:52U703??3392.112.38.*Got my super fast cashout again!
11 Sep 2011 17:06U876??44188.26.148.*Have just got paid. Thanks admin.
11 Sep 2011 16:26U190??9077.253.137.*All outstanding pendings paid into LR.
11 Sep 2011 15:36U790??9584.195.81.*Paid 23.00 usd today. Welcome back Admin. Thanks.
11 Sep 2011 14:50U079??6087.205.154.*This one is simply the best program ever, reliable and honest service.
10 Sep 2011 13:17U790??9593.72.191.*by paying so fast e!
10 Sep 2011 13:02U079??6046.118.136.*Well, so far they paying me daily and no problems here
10 Sep 2011 12:41U263??01213.119.28.*this fast paying never to be forgotten.
10 Sep 2011 11:18U363??5494.76.117.*Have stable percent - paying me without problems! :D
9 Sep 2011 15:09U228??7380.80.42.*Thanks a lot admin for the payment
9 Sep 2011 14:45U219??4078.84.225.*i recieved my payment just on time, thanks admin
9 Sep 2011 14:29U703??3385.238.109.*i got paid after i invested.simply fantastic!
9 Sep 2011 13:17U702??3481.202.236.*I always invest here and always recieve my payment on time Thanks alot.
8 Sep 2011 12:29U190??9077.71.10.*FAST payment once again. Thank You management !!
8 Sep 2011 12:17U790??9585.195.0.*very good and excellent company.Thank you
8 Sep 2011 11:56U263??01 188.163.84.* Wonderful MONEY making program. Thanks alot,very nice site.
8 Sep 2011 11:26U363??5482.78.172.*good and reliable. I have got all payments
7 Sep 2011 16:02U430??2795.87.208.*I think is the most stable autosurf i have invest.
7 Sep 2011 14:47U219??4084.40.66.*I love this program!paying always and very fast!!
7 Sep 2011 14:08U703??3387.120.150.*The ultimate paying program.You deserve an award
6 Sep 2011 13:32U876??44 188.25.192.* profit is rolling in like a bomb
6 Sep 2011 13:02U790??95 94.189.185.* I love this program!paying always and instantly!!
6 Sep 2011 12:45U079??60 85.198.148.* The ultimate paying program.You deserve an award
5 Sep 2011 12:00U702??34 79.109.223.* No ONE LIKE YOUR INVESTING SITE WITH FAST PAYMENT
5 Sep 2011 11:42U634??1689.141.38.*paying can invest with this company
5 Sep 2011 10:39U190??90 89.102.104.* pay me more than $300. Best HYIP. Thanks admin.
4 Sep 2011 13:02U790??95 86.123.46.* on time payment....well done admin
4 Sep 2011 12:49U079??6091.202.107.*get paid for everyday...nice program
4 Sep 2011 12:34U263??01 93.105.205.* good site,I invest 20$ on it today.
4 Sep 2011 12:13U363??54217.30.198.*good site,I got paid today.thanks admin.
3 Sep 2011 9:56U228??7395.111.51.*% received twice from this wonderful company
3 Sep 2011 9:38U219??40178.149.10.*Nice PAYING site and RATE Us page is pretty.
3 Sep 2011 8:52U703??3383.31.202.*paid for the forth time and within minutes! Thanks,
3 Sep 2011 8:23U702??3493.75.93.*Paying Fast after Request!! Thanks for the good profit
2 Sep 2011 15:36U263??01188.163.80.*A program with a great future!!!!!!!
2 Sep 2011 15:06U430??2789.212.246.*Good admin, thanks for support Greats Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Sep 2011 14:27U228??73109.200.243.*Great program!!!
2 Sep 2011 12:50U634??16109.110.10.*I love the programme so keep it up
1 Sep 2011 8:22U079??6089.106.118.*i reaceive my payment today as usual. paid $102
1 Sep 2011 7:34U122??4586.121.96.*Payment received very fast !Exellent program !Thanks
1 Sep 2011 7:12U266??3795.27.214.*they are really honest invested $300 to the site
1 Sep 2011 6:38U940??6482.78.172.*great program indeed, never failed my payment, thanks admin
31 Aug 2011 12:12U219??4046.47.116.*Same. Paid again .... Good HYIP plus bonus invest in here. thank admin
31 Aug 2011 11:10U703??33188.26.223.*Just a great HYIP! Been paying for awhile and going to be paying long time
31 Aug 2011 10:34U634??16188.2.201.*Have test 2 period, get paid on time. Thanks alot!
31 Aug 2011 9:42U079??60 86.125.151.* Paid again plus bonus. Keep on time payment. Thank much for admin ok
30 Aug 2011 13:03U122??4584.252.33.*I will invite more people to invest because you are wonderful.
30 Aug 2011 12:20U266??3791.210.22.*Wow! Consistently paying on time!
30 Aug 2011 12:00U940??6489.215.4.*Pays every day right on time
30 Aug 2011 10:29U363??5477.120.22.*paid and fully automated
29 Aug 2011 13:45U228??732.93.203.*they paid me every payday
29 Aug 2011 12:59U190??9087.120.150.*withdrawal processed. great program.
29 Aug 2011 12:28U219??4095.27.208.*It's a paying HYIP!
29 Aug 2011 11:09U702??3477.77.30.*very good program excellent Always paid me
28 Aug 2011 12:17U876??44188.244.29.*excellent service, or better the best service, and paying, thank you
28 Aug 2011 11:20U190??90 79.118.64.* been paid.I think the program will last for long time.
28 Aug 2011 10:47U790??9588.184.128.*Hurry up men!Don't miss this opportunity to be affluent!!
28 Aug 2011 8:12U079??6089.228.90.*Are you well and happy with this program!
27 Aug 2011 11:11U122??4583.95.134.*The request was processed in time,very honest site!
27 Aug 2011 10:37U266??3795.68.43.*Really well done site, got my paid.
27 Aug 2011 9:11U940??64 82.51.40.* Best support and resolve my problem. Pay me without delay.
27 Aug 2011 8:26U363??5478.96.149.*Received my first payment in ten minutes. Thanks. Deposit more.
26 Aug 2011 13:30U228??73178.168.15.*Paying well so far. I hope that they will be online for long time!
26 Aug 2011 12:46U219??4046.33.227.*you will be never worry after seeing this excellent site.
26 Aug 2011 11:51U703??3385.86.230.*Got paid earlier today! Thanks admin!
26 Aug 2011 10:33U702??3493.16.171.*Thanks admin,paid me again,really good program!
25 Aug 2011 13:42U876??4480.98.171.*This is great, paid up to $400, what a good job admin.
25 Aug 2011 13:11U190??9077.247.22.*always assured of prompt payment anytime i invest
25 Aug 2011 12:26U790??95178.164.139.*Pays always without delays, Thank you Admin.
25 Aug 2011 10:21U079??60 89.235.238.* Hope things will go well as before when i invested $20.i already invested $200.
24 Aug 2011 11:37U122??45 212.83.73.* we have paid all of your profit , Fast paid, thanks admin
24 Aug 2011 10:29U266??3787.120.150.*Best HYUP! Always pays correctly and on time.
24 Aug 2011 9:25U940??6478.96.149.*Hope things will go perfectly!! got my payout.
24 Aug 2011 8:41U363??5484.25.182.*this is exquisitely different from the rest, simply the best
23 Aug 2011 9:33U228??7384.100.110.*Hope things will go well. Keep Work.i already invested $200.
23 Aug 2011 8:39U219??40217.108.74.*Another Payment Receive Today Also
23 Aug 2011 8:05U703??33178.116.145.*A well organized programme.
23 Aug 2011 7:28U702??3477.122.130.*received 400$ now really paying
22 Aug 2011 10:12U876??4484.24.201.*Very nice looking site. Always pays on time.
22 Aug 2011 9:28U190??90212.22.197.*Receive money,Very professional management and many other good things
22 Aug 2011 8:55U790??95212.225.147.*Paying all the time,so great hyip site!
22 Aug 2011 8:25U079??6095.221.118.*GOOD BETTER BEST YOU SATISFIED ME
21 Aug 2011 14:55U228??7393.73.28.*very great paying project that I can count on when it comes to big investment!
21 Aug 2011 14:24U219??4093.100.12.*THE BEST HIGH PROFIT PROGRAM !! Many payments received!!!
21 Aug 2011 13:46U703??33109.175.79.*This program is really helpful management pay me for best plan
21 Aug 2011 10:44U702??3491.202.107.*Get ride of your problems. This program is fantastic
20 Aug 2011 15:11U263??0193.126.87.*I will continue hailing you the more you continue paying me.
20 Aug 2011 13:49U122??4589.46.80.*Very good and very fast paying $52 Very nice. Added new deposit.
20 Aug 2011 12:45U266??37109.86.167.*Great program and site, I got the payment. The profit you sent. Thanks.
20 Aug 2011 11:22U940??64109.75.194.*Real investments are here.Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!
20 Aug 2011 10:04U363??5493.72.28.*This programm my favorite in all and the best
19 Aug 2011 15:03U634??1681.164.137.*pay fast . I hope you will be online forever!!
19 Aug 2011 14:00U876??4477.123.63.*really great program! payment received very fast!thanks!
19 Aug 2011 12:21U190??9085.201.193.*Great program and honest admin,Got $200 again!
19 Aug 2011 11:00U790??95 86.125.161.* Paid me again,really good program, thanks admin!
19 Aug 2011 10:00U079??6088.176.69.*Payout received! admin paid on time,wonderful Hyip!
18 Aug 2011 14:51U228??7394.73.32.*Another payment received, you are now the best site around
18 Aug 2011 14:06U219??4083.136.244.*Great site and good payments!
18 Aug 2011 13:13U703??3346.47.116.*I strongly recommend this program.They always pay ontime.
18 Aug 2011 12:07U702??3484.100.110.*This is the most fastest paying site i ever seen.
17 Aug 2011 15:32U876??4488.163.250.*Best site for instant payout system.
17 Aug 2011 14:56U190??9078.159.45.*regular payouts Honest and correctly paying HYIP.
17 Aug 2011 12:48U790??9585.198.163.*pretty good and fast growing project!
17 Aug 2011 11:43U079??6081.22.139.*I made second investment today
16 Aug 2011 12:47U228??7389.212.246.*I'd like to express my thanks to you for being so on time
16 Aug 2011 12:07U219??40 213.119.73.* Fast
16 Aug 2011 11:12U703??3394.24.164.*I hope you will online forever you always pay fast
16 Aug 2011 10:09U702??34 78.84.146.* Wonderful
15 Aug 2011 16:05U122??45109.86.6.*Simply excellent, i got $95 profit completely today
15 Aug 2011 15:31U266??3778.8.60.*Good company.Paid always ! Highly recommend this site to invest.
15 Aug 2011 14:48U940??64212.22.201.*withdrawal is received.stable work of the project.good work of the administrator!thanks!!!
15 Aug 2011 13:50U363??5489.134.42.*I become a financial freedom as promised
14 Aug 2011 22:01U876??44178.66.95.*Receive $320 today,so hot program!thanks admin!
14 Aug 2011 20:51U190??90212.50.134.*Excelent program!paid me on time again,thanks very much!
14 Aug 2011 19:20U790??95178.121.168.*Really great program,paid me on time!deposit $150 again:)
14 Aug 2011 18:43U079??60 46.118.33.* Great HYIP,GOT REFERRAL BONUS!Thanks Admin.
12 Aug 2011 22:57U228??7388.163.250.*Reached to the profit, they paid every time very fast!!
12 Aug 2011 22:22U219??4077.121.221.*Very professional management and many others good things.
12 Aug 2011 21:13U703??3389.102.222.*oh yes, paid me too...
12 Aug 2011 20:31U702??3489.114.233.*Real HYIP, which everybody needs!
12 Aug 2011 9:51U122??45212.225.147.*Stable Paying program! Friendly support!
12 Aug 2011 9:01U266??37178.125.210.*Fast payment, very good work, further so! Thanks Admin
12 Aug 2011 8:18U940??64 88.135.229.* Paid to me every time without any delay, thanks.
12 Aug 2011 7:34U363??5478.136.121.*Thanks for all stable PAYMENTS! You are a great!
11 Aug 2011 13:25U876??4491.82.172.*Payment of $197.50 received into LR very, very quickly.
11 Aug 2011 12:30U190??90151.26.124.*yes,invest here,paying and paying.
11 Aug 2011 11:12U790??9585.24.192.*Been paid 4 times so far and re-invested most of it.
11 Aug 2011 10:23U079??6077.121.194.*Paying on time as they promised..Thx Admin,,,
10 Aug 2011 14:22U228??7387.121.89.*I always invest here and always receive my payment on time Thanks a lot.
10 Aug 2011 13:28U219??4077.123.63.*Received $80 today,admin very honest,thank you very very much:)
10 Aug 2011 12:04U703??3385.92.250.*I always got paid on time here. Recomend it to everyone.
10 Aug 2011 8:52U702??3477.79.166.*Got paid thanks admin i will refer more people to the best program
9 Aug 2011 13:14U122??4577.81.232.*I got $372 just now! this is great!!I am grateful for this profit.
9 Aug 2011 12:27U266??3794.73.32.*I am always proud of you. your program please alot. thank you.
9 Aug 2011 11:18U940??6494.73.32.*This is the best site I have never seen, you are too good.
9 Aug 2011 10:00U363??5483.136.244.*I am very glad of being investor in this site, receive money.
8 Aug 2011 13:31U876??44 84.123.118.* Each person who has invested here,are happy with fast supporting.
8 Aug 2011 12:54U190??9095.87.208.*be as happy as sandboy and forget all your problems with this fast paying
8 Aug 2011 11:56U790??9584.197.203.*don't lost your money! just invests here and receive your profit!
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